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Food Taboos Of Segmental Vitiligo

Food Taboos Of Segmental VitiligoSegmental vitiligo is a common type of vitiligo disease, the white patches represents like one or a number of films, or develop along with a certain section of the control, it distributes in single side. Segmental vitiligo is a limited black pigment depigmentation skin diseases, there are lot of segmental vitiligo patients which caused by poor irregular diet habits, so patients should pay more attention to their daily diet during in treatment , some diet is harmful to vitiligo treatment , patients should quit it very soon according to their body reaction.

Apart from actively cooperate with the doctor’s treatment ,Segmental vitiligo patients should also pay special attention to their daily food habits, it is also very important. So, what needs to pay attention to for segmental vitiligo.

Here are some daily food and taboos which vitiligo patients need to pay their attention to:

1,Eat more nuts, black sesame seeds, etc..

2,Eat liver, vegetables (fresh vegetables), beans (soybeans, peas, mung beans, soy products), peanut, black sesame, walnut and other food.

3,Eat more food which contains copper, approperate copper supplyment can directly involved in the metabolism of melanoma cells. The appropriate amount of copper supplementation can promote the metabolism of melanocytes, which is conducive to the vitiligo treatment .

4, Pay attention to scientific and reasonable diet. Ensure adequate nutrition and balanced diet, refused to partial eclipse. At the same time, the most important thing is to actively accept treatment for vitiligo patients, it can be cured through scientific and rational treatment .


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