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Can Vitiligo Patient Eat Onion

Can Vitiligo Patient Eat OnionIt is well known that its very hard to cure it once people get vitiligo, but among those potential triggers, one of the most important factors is diet. So vitiligo patients should pay special attention to their daily diet. There is a common question from vitiligo patients, that is can vitiligo patients eat onion ? Now the vitiligo experts have given us a clear answer , that is Vitiligo patients can eat onions, because onions has a cosmetic effect. Eat onions can dilute the skin pigmentation. Onion contains rich in vitamin C, niacin, sulphur, vitamin E and so on. They can promote repair of intercellular matter formation and cell damage, vitiligo patients eat onions, it can improve their own resistance, effective prevent from cold and other diseases, it also has effect of anti-cancer, prevention of osteoporosis.

In addition, Vitiligo patients can eat onions, onion has effect of divergenting cold, because it contains a known allylsulfides oil volatiles and has a symplectic spicy, this substance can resist cold, and also against from influenza virus, it has a strong bactericidal effect; onion contains rich in nutrition, and pungent onion bulbs and leaves.

However,It is recommended that vitiligo patient should also eat some food which contains tyrosine and minerals , such as :meat (cattle, rabbit, pig meat), animal liver, eggs (eggs, duck eggs, quail eggs), milk (milk, yogurt), vegetables (fresh vegetables and radish, eggplant, winter bamboo shoots, edible fungus, kelp, such as beans (soybeans, peas, green beans, soy products), peanuts, black sesame seeds, walnuts, raisins, snails, clams and other shellfish food. It is also recommended that patients should timely go to the professional vitiligo hospital for the specific treatment according to their own condition.


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