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Can Vitiligo Patients Eat Apple

Can Vitiligo Patients Eat AppleOnce people have vitiligo. They are quite confused about their daily diet, what should intake, what should not intake. So here is a common question from vitiligo patients, that’s is can vitiligo patients intake apple ? In terms of the vitiligo experts, Vitiligo patients can eat apples. Because apple contains enrich in pectin, the soluble fiber can lower cholesterol and destroy the cholesterol content. Apple contains rich in crude fiber, which can enhance gastrointestinal motility, so that the smooth discharge of the stool, it can also reduce the harm substances which absorbed in patients skin. It is good for vitiligo patient’s health , so vitiligo patients can eat apple.

In addition, Patients with vitiligo should increase the intake of food which rich in tyrosinase: the formation of melanin is tyrosine to DOPA quinone which is formation under in the role of tyrosinase, and oxidized melanin. Experts has pointed out that the tyrosine comes mainly from the food, the tyrosine enzyme needs to inform from trace elements copper and zinc , it can be enhanced. So vitiligo patients should intake food which is rich in tyrosine and copper, zinc rich foods, such as meat, eggs, animal liver, beans and fresh vegetables.

However, vitiligo patients also need to eat food which is rich in tyrosine , such as lean meat, beef, pork, egg and meat, animal offal, liver, kidney etc.. Milk, fresh vegetables, beans, lentils, black beans, peanuts, black sesame, black fungus, dried fruit, walnut, etc..

Diet taboos is an important factors, patients should not eat much fruits which is rich in vitamin C such as oranges, oranges, grapefruit, grape, hawthorn, kiwi, strawberries. Do not eat excitant food such as pepper, ginger, raw onions, raw garlic, wine and eat fish and shrimp, volatiles, mutton.


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