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Specific Food Information Of Vitiligo

Specific Food Information Of VitiligoVitiligo patients have suffered a lot from this complicated skin disease , there are many triggers which can cause its happening, among these triggers, there is one specific and important factors , that is daily food and diet.So vitiligo should pay much attention on the diet and daily food, so we should recommended some reasonable and healthy foods to those suffering from the Vitiligo skin disorder can be helpful for the recovery from this abnormalities or dysfunctional of melanocyte cells. Here are some healthy and reasonable foods which will help patients to improving their current vitiligo skin condition.

1, Fruits and vegetables: here are some green and healthy fruits and vegetables such as mushrooms, pineapple, bananas, cherry, raspberries, blackberries, nuts,

There fruits and vegetable can significantly improve the skin condition of vitiligo. And supplyment some vitamin elements, it is also good for people’s health.

2, Meanwhile, there are also some foods which containing tyrosine, such as : Beans, pumpkin seeds are also suggested.

3, Food which contains rich in iron, copper, zinc, a and also some organ liver, fish and seafood, But here is a tips that the seafood should not be taken along with the milk cuz it might increase the white patches on your skin. So keep that in mind.

4, here are some vegetables are also helpfui for improving the vitiligo skin condition such as: Beet, Carrots, tomatoes, Cucumbers.

To sum up. Patients should follow the heathy diet tips , and if they still have doubt, pls feel free to contact us.


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