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Foods That Heal Vitiligo

Foods That Heal VitiligoVitiligo is a chronic skin condition which characterized by some parts of the skin losing their pigment. It occurs when skin pigment cells lack or are unable to reduce anymore.Meanwhile, vitiligo is hard to cure. It can affect any part of people’s body, it mostly occurs in the face, hands, armpits, hair and other parts of the body. Doctors strongly suggests that paients should Wwork with their health care cuz the nutritional deficiencies can contribute to the vitiligo condition. So keep a healthy diet seems look important.Here are some valuable tips of vitiligo diet.

Foods which contains emrich in High Zinc

There is one of reason why people get vitiligo is that the body is under the deficiency of zinc trace element, so patients should try to eat some foods which contains enrich high Zinc. There is a recent medical research shows that zinc supplementation can help improving this condition. There are some best options for get a high Zinc trace element, such as: beef, crab, pork, lobster and chicken. Meanwhile, patients can also get the zinc trace element by eating beans, nuts and other foods.

Foods which contains enrich in Vitamin B-12

As we all known that foods which contains in vitamin B-12 may help reverse the condition of vitiligo. There is a recent medical research shows that patients which is under the deficiency of vitamin B-12 can probably triggers an increase in homocysteine, which can indirectly destory the pigmentation in some areas of the body. So the doctor strongly suggest that patient should eat much foods like: animals liver, clams, salmon, haddock and yogurt to increase the proportion of vitamin B-12 in their body. Daily drink yogurt is also a good way which boosting the vitamin B-12.

Foods which contains enrich in Vitamin C

The foods which containing vitamin C is good for vitiligo. some fruits such as oranges, grapefruits and lemons are the best fruits which contains vitamin C, there are also some other fruits with enrich vitamin C like:, strawberries and cantaloupe. Meanwhile. There are some relative vegetables which also contains enrich vitamin C, such as tomatoes, potatoes and red and green peppers as well.


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