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Things To Eat In Vitiligo Diet

Things To Eat In Vitiligo DietVitiligo is a stubborn skin disease easy to diagnose and hard to treat. Which foods are good for vitiligo? This question well concerned by many vitiligo patients, in the following part, I like to make a brief introduction about this for your reference. 

When it comeas to the thingd to eat in vitiligo diet,Many experts strongly suggest that keeping a healthy diet that is specific to vitiligo can control this skin disorder and promote cell regeneration as well as healthy skin.

Here are some common and important things to eat in vitiligo diet.

1. Vegetables

The vegetables are very important in peoples daily life, because it contains rich vitamin elements in it.Although vegetables are part of any healthy diet, there are some certainelements that are best to put in vitiligo diet. Spinach is a good element as it contains many nutrients that can promote skin regeneration and repair the body’s damaged bloodvessels. Meanwhile, garlic is also a nice element for vitiligo diet because it is not onlya natural antibiotic, but it also has couple of different nutrients which work together in order to keep peoples cells health.

2. Whole Grains

When it comes to the Whole grains, it is actually a crucial part of any vitiligo diet because they contain a rich fiber, vitamins and minerals, all of them function together in order to get a good overall health for patient. Meahwhile,Oats are an especially good addition to the diet because they have high amounts of vitamin E. VitaminEa have its own special function,that is it can improves the body’s immune responses as well as helping fight harmful bacteria, which plays an essential role in keeping the skinhealthy.

3. Natural Supplements

There are several natural supplements which can significantly reduce the effects of vitiligo in terms of depigmentation. Gingko biloba is the best instance for it. Some studies have also noticed that khellin, which is an extract from the fruit found onkhella, a Mediterranean plant.

Foods to Avoid in Vitiligo Diet

The doctor often says a word that if you are on the vitiligo diet, you should always try to drink a lot of water because it will hydrate your skin, keeping it healthy. However, certain foods to avoid including tea and redchili.Meanwhile, patients should also try to avoid certain berries including cherries, raspberries and blackberries.Beef, red meat, fish are not recommended.Always keep away from spicy or oily foods, carbonated drinks, soda bicarbonate, coffee.


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