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5 Attentions For Vitiligo Patients On Diet

Diet is prerequisite for the human exist. The proper diet can increase the nutrition to our body and make us more healthy. The vitiligo patients with proper diet will help for their vitiligo treatment. So the diet health cares are very important for vitiligo patients. There is a saying that every medicine have certain side effects for the vitiligo patients. These medicines had better carefully used in clinic. The foods like grains, meats, fruits, vegetables and water all the necessary foods for us and have no side and toxic effects. As earlier as two thousands years ago, the diet therapy aroused much attentions to the vitiligo patients.

There are five attentions for vitiligo patients on diet.

1. Proper diet is necessary for vitiligo patients.

The vitiligo patients had better eat more foods with light flavor and full of nutrition. For the foods rich in VC the vitiligo patients had better decrease the intake or totally avoid the intake. For the foods with too sour and spicy flavor the vitiligo patients also had better to pay much attention to. Moreover, the choose need to choose also according to the personal stomach and spleen digestive ability to choose. The patients need to to adjust their diet according to their tongue coating changes, that’s because the tongue coating is the external manifestation of the pulse and stomach, according to the observation of the tongue coating, it can guide the patient’s to choose their diet.

The patients with thick and greasy tongue coating indicates their appetite not good, so they had better to avoid eating the greasy foods hard to digest. They can cook some porridge to eat to stimulate their appetite or chew the wax gourd. The tongue coating white patients had better to eat some mild foods such garlic, green onion, mutton and etc, these patients can eat more cucumbers, bitter gourds, lotus root and other cool foods. The patients with light white color and thin stool means their stomach weak, they can properly intake some porridge and avoid intake the oily foods. If the vitiligo patients with peptic ulcer symptoms, they have the abdominal distention after eating and often feel nausea, they had better eat less sweet foods, they also had better decrease the intake of milk, soy bean paste and etc.

2. The vitiligo patients had better control their diet.

The proper diet and regular rest is good for their health. The vitiligo patients had better with three regular meals, it’s not good over eating and over drinking or not eating anything for a long time, these behaviors are quite harmful for their stomach and spleen. The Chinese medicine holds that the spleen and stomach are the source of the qi and blood generation. If the stomach and spleen damaged, their health condition will decrease and it also easy to induce other diseases. What worth to pay more attention to is the family members of vitiligo patients afraid them lack of nutrition, they let the patients intake too much tonic foods or nutrition which results in the adverse results.

3. Partial preference in diet is not good for vitiligo patients.

Our body will get full nutrition if we have no diet bias. It’s a way of keeping good health. Our ancestry already know about this. There are some ancient medical books write about the importance of the balanced diet to us.

4. Right opinions for the tonic and medicine for vitiligo.

With the economic develop in high speed, our living standard improving, all kinds of tonics and nutrition pour into the market such as ginseng, American ginseng, tremella, pearl and etc. These tonics with the function of supply the qi, nourish the blood, rest the mind, anti aging and other effects. For the lack of correct guidelines, the market of tonics exist the problem of blindly use or improperly use problems. The medical workers must offer some professional attentions for vitiligo patients. Some people holds the bad health condition caused by the disease, the vitiligo patients had better supply the tonics, there also some vitiligo patients holds that the tonic supply is not better than the diet therapy. These two opinions both too extreme. The vitiligo patients had better with a right opinion when facing these two problems.

The vitiligo with a long treatment course, often one treatment course is three months, the vitiligo patients often need to take medicines for many courses and increase the burden to their stomach and spleen, so there are lot of vitiligo patients with stomach and spleen function problems. So the vitiligo patients had better carefully to take medicines or tonics to treat their vitiligo. Any medicine to prepare to take had better under the doctor’s instruction, the foods they eat also need according to their vitiligo condition and their stomach and spleen conditions. If the vitiligo patients with damp and heat inside their body, their tongue coating sticky and greasy, their appetite is low, if they intake milk, soy bean pastes, chocolates or other nutrition products, they are quite easy to have abdominal distension symptoms and have no appetites. There are some tonics such as ginseng, honey, Ejiao and etc with sweet flavor and not good for their stomach. So the vitiligo patients had better according to their personal condition to choose the tonics.

5. The vitiligo patients had better pay attention to which kinds of food good for them, which kinds of foods bad for them.

Every food have certain nutrition value. The normal people have no need to pay much attention to the foods they choose. But for the vitiligo patients, things are different, they need carefully choose the food they eat, there are two purpose for the vitiligo patients to do that. One is to take advantage of some benefits of foods to treat vitiligo, the second is to to avoid eating the foods will worse their vitiligo.

Normally, the foods contradict to the disease treatment in two sides. One is the nature of the foods is contradict to the nature of the disease, such as the nature of the patient’s disease is hot, the patients had better avoid eating the spicy and stimulating foods. If the nature of their disease is clod, they need to avoid eating the cold foods. Second is the nature of their foods contradict with the medicines used to treat their disease. Such as the patients had better avoid eating radish whist take ginseng to avoid the food counteract the medicine efficacy. The foods just like the medicine with cold, hot, mild, cool medicine properties and sweet, sour, bitter and pungent these four flavors. If the property and flavor of the food match with the medicine property will good for the disease treatment, if contrarily, it’s bad for the disease treatment.

Moreover, from the western medicine mechanism prospects, the vitiligo patients with diet restrictions. That because the tyrosinase system function decrease or loss in the melanocyte of the skin and hair follicles will induce the melanin generation obstruction and cause the depigmentation spots on their skin that is vitiligo. The VC can restore the formed dopaquinone into dopa instantly and interrupt the melanin physiological synthesis process. On the other side, the VC not only can influence the intestines to absorb the copper ion, it also can decrease the serum copper oxidase activity. So vitiligo patients had better decrease or avoid the intake of foods rich in VC. The too spicy and sour foods vitiligo patients also had better to avoid intake.

Vitiligo patients had better eat more foods rich in tyrosine and mineral substances such as lean meat, eggs, animal livers, milk, fresh vegetables, beans and bean products, sesame, peanuts, walnuts and etc. There are some foods with black color such as black rice and black soy beans. There are some foods such as oysters, snails and etc also good for vitiligo patients. There are some researches shows the trace element co lack closely related with the vitiligo onset. The more serious of their vitiligo, the extend of lesions will decrease the content of co in the patient’s body. The content of co decrease is one of the factors cause the vitiligo, if the vitiligo patients properly supply the co can maintain the normal metabolism balance is helpful to decrease the vitiligo onset.


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