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Scientific Diet For Vitiligo

wax gourd for vitiligo patientsVitiligo often appear in face, neck and other exposure ares. No one willing to be sneered at because of vitiligo. In fact, if vitiligo patients can fight against the pessimistic opinions and cooperate with the doctor to treat their vitiligo, with the scientific diet in their daily life, their vitiligo have very high chance to be cured.

There are several foods good for vitiligo patients.

The benefits of eggs for vitiligo patients.

1. Improve memory.

The yolk contains lecithin, cholesterol and other elements have great nourish effects for the nerve system, these elements can stimulate the people’s memory nerves and greatly improve the memory.

2. Protect their internal organs.

The vitiligo patient’s internal organs seriously damaged and need to eat more animal livers to supply the substances the vitiligo patient’s lack. The abundant protein contains in egg can effectively supply the protein vitiligo patients lack.

3. The egg can increase their physique conditions.

The nutrition contains in eggs basically covered all of the nutrition we need. So the egg also called the human nutrition library. So vitiligo patients can eat more eggs in their daily life to increase their resistance ability to the disease and improve their physical condition. It also have some help to their vitiligo recovery.

Does the carrots have any effects to their vitiligo treatment?

The carrots rich in carotene and with delicious flavor, the nutrition value of carrot is very high. According to the clinical medicine researches, properly supply some carotene is helpful for their vitiligo recovery. But vitiligo patients also should remember at the same time that carrot is good for their health, but if add too much hot peppers, it will influence their vitiligo condition.

If the vitiligo patients like to eat carrot, they can consult their attending doctor to see whether they can eat carrot, since every vitiligo patient’s physical condition is different, they can not eat what they want, the diet of vitiligo patients need to be treated scientifically, only in that way, they can eat at ease.

Does vitiligo patients can eat seaweed?

Seaweed is a algae plant grow in the rock of the shallow sea. The types of seaweed are abundant. The iodine content in seaweed is quite high, the seaweed can treat the goiter caused by the lack of iodine. The seaweed have the treatment effects to the stagnation blocks.

Moreover, the seaweed contains polysaccharide have obvious effects to increase the cell immunity and humoral immune function, it can promote the lymphocyte conversion to improve our body immunity. Most of the vitiligo patients with low immunity, so vitiligo patients can properly intake more seaweeds.

The assistant effects of broccoli to vitiligo.

Broccoli is the most common food in our daily diet, the broccoli contains flavonoid, it have good detoxification effects to the livers. If the vitiligo patients eat the broccoli often, it can effectively improve their immunity and is good for vitiligo treatment. So vitiligo patients can properly increase the broccoli intake in their daily life.

Although the broccoli is good for the vitiligo patient’s health and have assistant treatment effects for the vitiligo patients. The broccoli also contains certain amount of VC, if intake too much will have certain influence to their melanin synthesis and the tyrosine activity, it’s adverse for their vitiligo treatment.

Healthy diet is important for vitiligo patients, except for the foods rich in vitamin C, the spicy and pungent foods vitiligo patients also had better avoid intake too much.

The benefits of wax gourd for vitiligo patients.

Wax gourd have certain diet therapy effects for skin diseases. Although the wax gourd can not treat vitiligo directly, it have certain diet therapy effects to relieve inflammation or internal heat and treat the acne, especially for the vitiligo caused by the qi and blood disorder, it’s therapeutic effects is better.

The wax gourd is good for vitiligo. First the wax gourd have the effects of moistening lung, nourish the body fluid and preventing phlegm from forming and stopping coughing. The wax gourd have good health care effects for the respiratory and digestive systems of our body, it’s very good for vitiligo patients.

The wax gourd is good to improve the vitiligo patient’s physical quality, it’s good for vitiligo patients. But the wax gourd is not the medicine, it can not replace the role of medicine, vitiligo patients had better to adopt the professional technology to treat their vitiligo if they want to get rid of vitiligo completely.


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