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4 Diet Errors For Vegetarian Vitiligo Patients

Many vitiligo patients holds that the vegetables good for their health, so many vitiligo patients is vegetarian. Vegetarian diet is not necessary a healthy diet. Eat vegetables also have the balance nutrition problems, if the diet not matched well, not only not good for them to get enough nutrition, it will decrease their immunity and worse their vitiligo.

The foods not contains meats or fishes not equal to is the healthy foods. Only intake the foods in the natural state and with low processed foods content vegetarian is good for the health. On the other side, the vegetarian need to have a good match of foods to ensure their nutrition balance.

There are several diet errors for vegetarian vitiligo patients.

1. Not limit the number of processed foods.

There are many vegetarian vitiligo patients holds that if the foods not contains too much meat is the foods with high nutritional value. In fact, many processed foods made of plant materials. But most the foods made from polished rice and wheat. These foods contains much oil, sugar and salt, it can not replace the fresh natural foods.

2. Failed to control the content of oil, sugar and salt.

The sugar, oil and salt are the source of plant, so these substances will present in the vegetarian. The vegetarian with light flavor, some people will add large amount of oil, sugar, salt and other seasonings to cook. This cook way is unhealthy to vitiligo patients.

3. Eat too much fruits and decrease the staple foods intake.

Many vegetarian like eat fruits, except the three meals a day, they also will eat some fruits. But they will find even the fruits with the name of healthy food, it did not bought them the good body shape. That because the fruits contains more than 8% sugar, it’s energy can not ignored. If the vitiligo patients eat more than 250g fruits every day, they need to decrease the number of their meals per day to reach the balance of energy in their body.

4. The vegetarian mainly composite by the raw and cold foods.

Some vegetarian holds that only eat the raw vegetables can intake the nutrition of the foods at largest. They rarely eat the cooked dishes, they like to eat salad and cold dishes. In fact, there are many nutrition in the vegetables need to add oil will better for us to absorb. The vegetable cooked, it’s cell walls destroyed completely and the absorption rate of the vegetables will increase in large scale.


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