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What Kind Of Foods Good For Vitiligo

what kind of food good for vitiligoVitiligo is a very stubborn skin disease with high recurrent rate and very difficult to treat. The vitiligo receive the treatment for a long term and still difficult to treat is largely related with the diet the they intake. The reasonable diet is helpful to control their vitiligo expand. The vitiligo patients have individual difference, their vitiligo condition also have difference, so the vitiligo patients need under the doctor’s instruction to choose the right diet. So what kind of food good for vitiligo patients in their daily life?

1. The main symptoms of vitiligo patients is the white spots in their skin, so vitiligo patients have better eat more foods good for their melanin generation to restore their normal skin color. There are some foods good for their melanin generated that includes walnuts, peanuts, lean meat, black sesame, black soy beans and etc all good for their vitiligo recovery.

2. The VC foods is necessary for the normal people, but for vitiligo patients, intake too much VC foods not good for their vitiligo. Because the VC foods can influence the tyrosinase activity and interrupt the melanin generation and influence the melanin synthesis. There are some foods rich in VC such as kiwifruits, citrus, hawthorns and etc.

3. The foods rich in tyrosine and mineral substances are good for vitiligo treatment, so vitiligo patients can properly increase this kind of foods intake in their daily life. There are some foods good for their vitiligo such as beef, animal livers, eggs, milk, fresh vegetables, radishes, fungus, soy beans, peanuts and etc.

4. There are some foods might influence their vitiligo treatment the vitiligo patients also need to avoid intake too much. These kinds of foods includes green onions, garlic, fishes, mutton, shrimps, peppers, wines and etc. All these foods might influence their vitiligo treatment and decrease their vitiligo treatment effects.

The vitiligo not only will influence the patient’s appearance, it also will brought much difficult to their work, love and life. So vitiligo patients had better receive the treatment earlier and combine the good therapy for their vitiligo.


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