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3 Diet Attentions For Vitiligo Patients

3 diet attentions for vitiligo patientsDiet is essential condition for our human beings. Proper diet can increase the nutrition of our body and decrease the disease onset. The vitiligo patients pay enough attention to the diet adjust can help their vitiligo treatment. So the diet is very important for vitiligo patients. As early as 2000 years ago, the diet therapy already arose us attentions. For vitiligo patients, there are 5 points they need pay attention to in their daily life.

1. The diet for vitiligo patients should be reasonable.

The daily diet for vitiligo patients should be light and full of nutrition. The foods rich in VC vitiligo patients had better avoid intake too much. For the too spicy and sour foods, vitiligo patients also need pay special attention to. Moreover, vitiligo patients also need to choose the foods according to their stomach and intestines functions. They can adjust their diet according to their tongue coating changes. Because the tongue coating is the external manifestation of their stomach and pulse. Observe the tongue coating can help the vitiligo patients to choose the proper diet for them.

2. Vitiligo patients need to control their diet.

The proper diet and life habits good for the health of vitiligo patients. The vitiligo patients need to have proper diet in daily life, overeating and drinking, irregular diet all might damage their stomach and spleen.

The traditional Chinese medicines holds that the spleen and stomach are the source of the blood and qi generation. If their stomach and spleen damaged, their health condition will decrease and easy to induce other disease.

3. Correctly treat the diet therapy and tonic supply.

With our economic development in a fast speed, the people’s live standard will improving continuously. In recent years, all kinds of tonics and nutritional products pour into the market such as ginseng, American ginseng, tremella, ganoderma lucidum, Ejiao and etc. These nourishment and tonics have the effects of supply the qi, rich the blood, rest the nerves and anti aging effects. Because of lack of correct instruction, many vitiligo patients blindly take these nourishment and tonics.

Wish what I mentioned above can help the vitiligo patients with a speedy recovery.


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