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4 Diet Attentions For Vitiligo Patients

4 diet attentions for vitiligo patientsThe food is called the natural pharmacist, it can adjust many functions of our body and supply the necessary nutrition for our body. The vitiligo patients pay enough attention to their diet can help to inhibit the virus of their vitiligo generate and improve their immunity. The vitiligo treatment need combine the medication treatment and assisted with the diet therapy, all these are good for vitiligo patients.

There are 4 diet attentions for vitiligo patients in the following part I’d like to make a brief introduction for vitiligo patients.

1. The food restrictions for vitiligo patients.

The vitiligo patients had better avoid eating too much stimulating foods, avoid frequently drinking and smoking. According to the reports, there are more than 10% cured patient’s vitiligo come back because of eating too much stimulating foods. There are some snacks in the market contains some chemical substances are quite harmful for our health especially for vitiligo patients. So the vitiligo patients had better decrease the intake of these snacks or totally avoid eating these snacks. Moreover, the VC have inhibited effects for the pigment, so the vitiligo patients had better decrease the intake of foods rich in VC such as tomatoes, strawberries, hawthorns, oranges and etc.

2. Supply some trace elements.

Many vitiligo patients lack of trace elements, so in their daily life, vitiligo patients had better eat more foods rich in some trace elements to supply the necessary nutrition to their body. There are some trace elements the vitiligo patients lack in their body such as copper, iron, zinc and etc. These kind of elements lack easy to cause the healthy problems.

3. The grain is the foundation of people’s livelihood.

There are some saying that the grain is the optimum choice for the people’s health. The vitiligo patients had better eat more bean products to supply the protein they lacked. They had better eat more corns and wheat.

4. Eat more foods in black and purple color.

Vitiligo patients lack of melanocyte in their body, so they can eat more foods rich in melanocyte. According to the research, we can find the tyrosine can generate the melanocyte, the high protein foods can generate the tyrosine, all this good for the vitiligo patients to get good treatment effects. So vitiligo patients.

There are some foods such as black sesame, black rices all good for vitiligo patients.

The vitiligo patients not only need to cooperate with their attending doctor during their vitiligo treatment process, they also need to pay attention to the foods they eat every day. If the vitiligo patients combine the good therapy and the good diet, their vitiligo will get a speedy recovery.


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