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3 Diet Attentions For Vitiligo

diet suggestions for vitiligoVitiligo is a chronic skin disease very hard to cure. The treatment course of vitiligo is longer, so it’s treatment difficulty is larger than other diseases. The treatment is very important for vitiligo patients, a good diet is also necessary for them. Good diet have better treatment effects for vitiligo patients.

1. Decrease the intake of foods rich in vitamin C.

The vitamin C can decrease the serum copper or serum copper oxidase, if the vitiligo patients intake too much vitamin C, it can decrease their tyrosinase activity and adverse for the melanin formation. The vitamin C can interrupt the melanin generation, so if the vitiligo patients intake too much foods rich in vitamin C, it’s adverse for their vitiligo recovery.

2. Decrease the foods rich in glutathione.

In recent years, according to the scientific research, if the vitiligo patients lack of the glutathione intake in their food for long term, it can help the tyrosinase activity increase in their skin. So vitiligo patients had better eat less or avoid eating the foods rich in glutathione. These foods includes onion, garlic, tomato and etc.

3. Increase the intake of foods rich in tyrosinase.

The melanin formation is the tyrosine under the effect of tyrosinase and formed into the dopaquinone, the dopaquinone will further oxidize to melanin. The the main source of tyrosine come from foods. The tyrosinase activity will increase if the zinc, copper or other trace elements participate into this period. So if the vitiligo patients eat more foods rich in tyrosine and trace elements such as zinc and copper, their melanin generation will faster. There are some foods rich in tyrosinase and trace elements such as animal livers, lean meat, eggs, beans and fresh vegetables.

What I mentioned above are the basic information about diet for vitiligo patients. But the good diet must combine with the good treatment can achieve the best results, the vitiligo patients had better pay enough attention to their diet in their daily life.


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