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5 Diet Suggestions For Vitiligo

5 diet suggestions for vitiligoDiet is essential for our survival. The proper diet can add the nutrition for us and helpful for the immunity function increase and decrease the disease attack. If the vitiligo patients receive the systemic treatment earlier and cooperate with their doctor and also have a good diet, their vitiligo will get better treatment effects. In the following part, I’d like to introduce 4 diet suggestions for vitiligo patients.

1. Balance their diet and avoid intake too much foods rich in vitamin C.

Vitiligo patients had better eat more light and nutritional foods in their daily life. The foods rich in vitamin C, they had better avoid intake too much. For the spicy and pungent foods, they also had better eat less and choose to eat the foods according to their digestive system and stomach state. Vitiligo patients also can adjust their diet according to their tongue coating changes.

2. Control their diet.

Have a good diet and regular habits good for their health. Vitiligo patients had better have a regular diet, avoid eating too much at each meal, because over eating and over drinking will damage their stomach and intestines, their vitiligo condition will decrease and easy to induce other diseases which easy to worse their vitiligo at last.

3. Vitiligo patients had better avoid diet bias.

If the vitiligo patients avoid diet bias, they can get full nutrition, it’s the important principle to keep health. The vitiligo patients had better have a balanced diet contains both vegetables and meats.

4. Correctly treat the tonic supply and medication treatment.

With the economic development and our live standard improving, all kinds of tonics teem in the market such as ginseng, American ginseng, tremella, ganoderma lucidum and etc. These tonics have the effects to promote the blood circulation, rest the nerves and anti-aging.

The vitiligo treatment process is longer than other diseases, normally need one treatment course to three treatment courses, so the vitiligo patients need intake medicine for quite long time, so it is easy to increase the burden to their intestines and stomach. So for the medication treatment and tonic treatment, vitiligo patients must according to their stomach and intestines condition and under the professional doctor’s instruction.

5. Properly intake more foods rich in mineral substances and trace elements.

Vitiligo patients had better eat more foods rich in tyrosinase and mineral substances such as lean meat, eggs, animal livers, fresh vegetables and etc. There are some research shows that the trace element shortage closely related with the vitiligo onset. If the vitiligo patients properly supply some trace elements, it can help maintain their metabolism balance and decrease their vitiligo repeat.


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