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4 Diet Controls For Vitiligo In Summer

4 Diet Controls For Vitiligo In summer1. Avoid over eating and over drinking.

The summer come, with the day time longer and night time short and the temperature rising, these factors add together cause the energy consumption largely increased in our body. There are many seasonal foods in the market are very attractive for many vitiligo patients.

Although over eating and over drinking can make you have a party in your mouth, it can increase the burden to their stomach and intestines and break the balance in their body which adverse to their vitiligo treatment and recovery. So vitiligo patients had better pay attention to control their diet in summer, it not only good for their health, it also can promote their vitiligo have a speedy recovery.

2. Avoid eating too much icy foods.

Summer is a hot season, there are many vitiligo patients want to swimming and eat some icy foods. Indeed in the damp and hot summer, a cup of cheered beverage is enough to refresh themselves and make them enjoy a cool summer. But over eating icy foods not only easy to induce gastrointestinal inflammation, it also easy cause their micro circulation disorder and decrease their body immunity function which cause their vitiligo expand. So vitiligo patients in summer had better avoid eating too much icy foods.

3. Avoid eating too much sour and spicy foods.

In hot summer, not only the icy foods welcomed by vitiligo patients, some sour, sweet and spicy foods also a popular choice for them to stimulate their appetite. These foods includes sour dates, lobsters, grilled foods, hotpot and etc. But if the vitiligo patients eat too much these kinds of foods, it easy to cause them have some uncomfortable feelings in their body, it also easy to worse their vitiligo condition.

4. Avoid feed on fruits.

Summer is a fruits season whit many fruits in the market. It’s a good season especially for some people love fruits. But for vitiligo patients they need to pay special attention to the fruit picking process. There are many fruits rich in vitamin C. The vitamin C as we all know is a reducing agent, it can reduce the formed melanocyte in the skin into the colorless substances. So vitiligo patients should pay special attention to the fruits they pick.

Diet control in summer is very important for vitiligo patients, vitiligo patients had better receive the treatment for their vitiligo as earlier as possible, it can help their vitiligo have a speedy recovery.


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