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Diet Suggestions For Children Vitiligo

diet suggestions for vitiligo childrenThe children vitiligo common onset sites in the exposure areas such as face, hands, neck and etc. For the sensitive children is very hard to live with. If their parents not pay enough attention to their children’ s vitiligo condition, it’s quite easy to cause great influence to their mental and physical development. There are some diet suggestions can help to control their kid’s vitiligo condition.

1. Balance their diet and avoid diet bias.

The scientific diet recipe can help to improve their kid’s physical condition, it’s a effective measure to help them resist diseases. The vitiligo children should eat more foods rich in protein and energy.

2. Eat more foods rich in tyrosine and trace elements.

The tyrosine, copper and other trace elements have certain help to their vitiligo improvement. So vitiligo children had better eat more foods rich in tyrosine, copper and trace elements. These foods includes beef, animal livers, eggs, milk, edible fungi, soy beans, peanuts and etc.

3. Eat more foods with black and purple color.

The vitiligo symptoms are white spots. The parents want their kids to restore the normal color can add the black or purple color foods in their daily diet. These foods can help the melanin formation. These foods includes walnuts, black sesame, black rice and etc. It good for their vitiligo recovery.

4. Vitiligo patients should avoid eating too much spicy and pungent foods.

There are some foods such as pepper, garlic, shrimp, mutton and etc are not good for their vitiligo condition.

The type of children vitiligo varies, the causes are complex, so the treatment course might longer, so their parents must have patience, let their children can insist their treatment. The parents need to channel their emotion to a positive side. They can chatting with their kids often, transfer their attention to other sides. They also can help to cultivate their hobbies such as drawing, singing and etc. Wish all vitiligo children can have a speedy recovery.


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