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Vitiligo Diet Attentions During Treatment

diet attentions for vitiligo during treatmentVitiligo is an acquired melanocyte loss skin disease. As for the causes of melanin loss, still remain unclear after many researches. The melanocyte loss might related with the genetic factor, autoimmunity disease, melanocyte self destruction and neurochemistry factors. Many patients wants to know the diet attention for their vitiligo during the treatment.

The diet attentions for the vitiligo patients during their treatment in the following part.

1. Avoid take the medicines contains vitamin C.

Avoid eating too much foods rich in vitamin C. There are some fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C such as green pepper, tomato, fresh citrus, grapefruit, cherry, kiwifruit, strawberry and etc.

2. Vitiligo patients had better avoid intake too much spicy and pungent foods.

These foods includes shrimp, seafood, mutton, dog meat and etc. Vitiligo patients should avoid drinking too much wines and smoking heavily.

There are some foods good for vitiligo patients.

1. The foods in black color good for the melanocyte.

Vitiligo patients can increase the intake of these foods properly in their diet chart. These foods includes black soy beans, black rice, black sesame, walnut and etc.

2. Many vitiligo patients lack of trace elements copper, zinc and iodine.

So vitiligo patients can properly intake more foods rich in mineral substances and trace elements, especially better for them to eat more foods rich in copper, because it can increase the copper ion content in their body and increase their melanin generation.

Vitiligo patients had better cooperate with their attending doctors during the treatment process, they’d better follow the advice of their attending doctor, take medicine under their attending doctor’s instruction, it’s a absolutely restriction for them take medicine on and off. Vitiligo patients should take medicine on time.

Vitiligo patients also should enhance the physical exercise to increase their physical condition. Keep a good mental state is very helpful for them to get good treatment effects, wish all vitiligo patients get a sooner recovery.


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