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Diet Attentions For Vitiligo In Summer

diet attentions for vitiligo in summerDo you know the attentions for diet for vitiligo patients in summer? For a vitiligo patient, the treatment in regular hospital is very important, but their daily diet also can not ignored. There are 9 points for the diet of vitiligo patients in the following part.

1. Avoid drinking and smoking, get away from the snacks and puffed foods.

2. Avoid eating spinach and leek, it’s easy to make the vitiligo sites itch.

3. The vitamin C is a reducing agent, it can reduce the formed melanin into water and colorless substances and finally influence the melanocyte synthesis, so vitiligo patients should avoid intake too much foods rich in vitamin C. There are some foods rich in vitamin C such as green peppers, tomatoes, citrus, grapefruits, hawthorns, kiwifruits and etc. These foods vitiligo patients should avoid eating too much especially in summer for it is the high season of vitiligo onset and expand.

4. There another points is vitiligo patients should avoid directly contact with the stimulating substances in their daily life such as soap, detergent and other chemical substances.

5. There are some stimulating foods vitiligo patients also need to avoid intake too much in summer. Summer is a hot season, many people will increase the intake of some pungent foods to stimulating their appetite, summer is also the season of many seafood in the market, so vitiligo patients should control their diet. These foods include onions, garlic, fishes, shrimps, peppers and etc.

There are some foods good for vitiligo patients, they can properly increase the intake. These foods includes milk, yoga, egg and etc.

The foods rich in copper element also good for their vitiligo. Many vitiligo patients lack of trace elements. There are some foods I recommend the vitiligo patients can properly increase the intake in their diet chart. These foods includes peanuts, chestnuts, black sesame, nuts and etc.

Foods rich in tyrosine also good for the melanin generation. There are some foods like animal livers, fresh vegetables and beans all are good choice for vitiligo patients.

Indeed there are some fruits vitiligo patients should control the intake because of the vitamin C content is too much. But these fruits like banana, pear, watermelon and apple vitiligo patients can eat.

Last but not least is vitiligo patients should receive the regular treatment if it is possible, many vitiligo patients delayed their vitiligo and miss the best time to receive their vitiligo which cause their vitiligo control to treat.

What I mentioned above are some suggestions about diet for vitiligo patients in summer, wish it can help the vitiligo patients get through the summer safely.


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