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Vitiligo Patients How To Regulate Their Qi And Blood

vitiligo patients how to regulate the qi and blood Vitiligo patients have many symptoms inside their body, it more than white spots appear in the skin. Some vitiligo patients also have qi and blood disorder phenomenon. Vitiligo is a quite common skin disease in clinic, it brought much damage for vitiligo patients. In the following part, I will mainly take about how to help the vitiligo patients regulate their qi and blood.

The directly influence of blood stasis for vitiligo patients is it make the nutrition hard to come to the sites need it. Especially for the nutrition important for the melanin formation, if the nutrition is not enough, it might cause the melanin synthesis decrease.

Tyrosine, tyrosinase, copper, iron, zinc and other trace elements all are the necessary substances for the melanin synthesis. These substances vitiligo patients get via diet and synthesized in their body need transport to the sites our skin need via blood circulation, but if the vitiligo patients qi and blood disorder, it will make the nutrition substances transportation have problems and finally worsen their vitiligo.

For the vitiligo patients have qi and blood disorder problem, I recommend some foods for them.

The foods with black and red color good for vitiligo patients such as brown sugar, sesame, edible fungus, yam, dates, black soy beans, chicken and some tonics such as danggui. These foods have the effect of regulate the qi and blood.

Moreover, the pork, animal livers also have the effects to supply iron and generate the blood. The vitiligo patients withe qi and blood disorder also need to have a balanced diet, avoid eating too much cold foods.

The vitiligo patients also need to avoid overtired and anxious, avoid seat on the cold chair for long time.

Last but not least, the vitiligo patients with blood and qi disorder problem need to receive the treatment in a regular hospital earlier. Only treatments and daily health cares combine together, their vitiligo have the hope to recover.


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