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4 Diet attentions for vitiligo

4 diet attentions for vitiligoSporadic vitiligo symptom present in the skin is the white spots spread in many parts of the body, mainly present in small white spots. The white spots is not concentrated, the distribute area is not expand very wide, the white spots often distribute symmetrically. The surface area of vitiligo often not exceed the half of the total surface. The sporadic vitiligo have great damage to the vitiligo patients, sporadic vitiligo patients should pay attention to the diet and receive the proper treatment at the same time. There are several diet attentions for vitiligo.

1. It is better for vitiligo patients decrease the intake of foods rich in vitamin C. The vitamin C can influence the melanin synthesis in many aspects and finally induce vitiligo. So it is better for vitiligo patients pay special attention to the fruits such as kiwifruits, pawpaw, fresh oranges, grapefruits, cherries, strawberries and etc. The vegetables rich in vitamin C such as tomatoes, green chilies, radishes and etc.

2. Vitiligo patients also need avoid some spicy, sour and stimulating foods. The stimulating foods can stimulate the skin and even cause the allergic reaction. These foods such as shrimps, crabs, mutton and etc vitiligo patients also should avoid intake too much. Vitiligo patients also should avoid stay up too long, avoid peppers, garlic and green onions.

There are some foods good for vitiligo patients.

3. Vitiligo patients can eat more foods rich in copper, zinc, iron and other trace elements. All these foods can increase the tyrosinase activity and accelerate the melanin synthesis. Vitiligo patients can eat more animal livers, pears, dates, dried fruits, beans and etc.

4. Vitiligo patients also can eat more foods with black color such as bean soy beans, walnuts, black sesame and etc.

These are the brief introduction about the diet attentions for vitiligo patients and wish it can help you.


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