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Good Diet For Vitiligo In Summer

good diet for vitiligo patientsSummer is coming, summer is the high season of vitiligo onset and expand, many patients desperately want to find a cure for their vitiligo. Summer is the vitiligo onset and expand high season, vitiligo patients should pay special attention to their diet in summer to avoid their vitiligo expand too fast. There are several attentions for vitiligo in summer.

1. Avoid eating too much and drinking too much in summer.

Summer is coming, the day time increasing and the night time is shorting, it make the energy consumption of the people increase largely, the patient’s appetite will also increase largely.

The seasonal foods in summer is quite open in the market, it’s easy to make the vitiligo patients hard to control the temptation. It’s quite easy for vitiligo patients over eating and over drinking in summer. If the patient’s do that, it not only can increase the burden to their intestines, it also easy to damage the balance of their body. It is not for their vitiligo treatment and recovery. Vitiligo patients should control their diet in summer and eat more meals per day and decrease the portion of their meal every day.

2. Vitiligo patients avoid eating too much icy foods in summer.

In the hot summer, many people like go out to swimming and eating some icy foods. Indeed in hot and damp summer, a cup of cheered beverage and refresh them, but eating too much icy foods are not only can cause the intestine disorder and their body micro circulation disorder. It can decrease their body’s immunity function. Eating too much icy foods it’s quite easy to cause the vitiligo expand.

3. Vitiligo patients should avoid eating too much sour and spicy foods.

In hot summer, people not only like to eat icy foods, they also like to eat some spicy and pungent foods to stimulate their appetite. It’s not easy for their vitiligo treatment and recovery.

4. Avoid use the fruits to replace the meals.

In the summer, it’s the season of a large amount of fruits in the market, it’s a happy season especially for female. But for vitiligo patients, they should pay more attention to the fruits they choose. Because many fruits rich in vitamin C. it’s not good for vitiligo patients eat too much fruits rich in vitamin C. So vitiligo patients can not replace their meals with the fruits.

If the vitiligo patients avoid these four restrictions in their diet, it will be a good diet for their vitiligo.


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