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How To Avoid Vitiligo Expand In Summer

how to avoid vitiligo expand in summerVitiligo is a stubborn skin disease, with the temperature rising, the summer is near, many vitiligo patients fond their vitiligo expand in different degrees. How to avoid vitiligo expand in summer? This question now well concerned by many vitiligo patients.

First vitiligo patients should have a good diet in summer.

Vitiligo patients can eat more foods with black color such as black sesame, black fungus and etc.

Vitiligo patients can eat more foods rich in tyrosinase and mineral substances such as meat, animal livers, eggs, beans, vegetables and etc.

Vitiligo patients also should take protective measures to prevent the sunlight in summer.

We all know that vitiligo will expand after long term exposure to the sunlight. The main reason might related with the melanocyte hyper function, it’s intermediate substances of tyrosinase and dopa oxidation was destroyed.

The intermediate substances is a important protective metabolism, once this protective mechanism consumed, the melanin will over produce and over accumulate and damage their melanocyte and finally cause vitiligo. So vitiligo patients should pay attention to prevent the sunlight in summer, apply some sunscreen cream before go out.

Third is try to wear cloths with soft texture such as pure cotton cloths and real silk cloths. These cloths can decrease the friction between the skin and cloths. It can help the patients decrease the damage of their skin.

Vitiligo patients also should avoid external injuries. The external injuries once reach to the dermis might cause the isomorphic reaction and finally cause their vitiligo expand all over their body.

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