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What Foods Good For Vitiligo

good foods for vitiligo patientsVitiligo is a pigment loss skin disease, it not very easy to treat. There are some diet restrictions for vitiligo patients. Good diet combine with suitable treatments can help boost their vitiligo recovery. What foods good for vitiligo? In the following part, I’d like to make a brief introduction for your reference.

First is eat more animal livers, fresh eggs, fresh tofu, beans, lean meat, fresh vegetables, sugar cane, raw sunflower seeds, black sesame, walnuts and etc.

Vitiligo patients should eat more foods rich in tyrosine and mineral substances, there are some foods such as beef, animal livers, vegetables such as radish, eggplant, winter bamboos, black fungi, kelp and etc.

There are some diet restrictions for vitiligo patients.

Vitiligo patients should avoid drinking and smoking, avoid external stimulus will cause the negative reaction to the skin. Vitiligo patients should avoid take medicines contains vitamin C. The vitamin C is a reducing agent, it have depigmentation effect to the skin, there are some fruits rich in vitamin C vitiligo patients should avoid eating too much such as citrus, hawthorns, pineapples, oranges, lemons, and etc.

Vitiligo patients also should eat less stimulating foods such as green onions, garlic, fishes, shrimps, mutton, bamboo shoot, peppers, wines and etc. Vitiligo patients can not eat spinach, because the spinach contains much oxalic acid and easy make the patient’s vitiligo site itch.

Vitiligo patients can not eat too much cherries. The cherry contains too much vitamin C. The vitamin C can stop the melanin generation process during the melanin metabolism process and worsen their vitiligo conditions.

Vitiligo patients should avoid eating fresh dates, hawthorns, kiwifruits, grapefruits and etc.

Vitiligo patients should pay much attention to their daily health cares. But foods is only foods, it’s not medicine, it can not replace the treatments, only good diet combine with good treatment and vitiligo patients keep a good mental state, have patience and confidence to their vitiligo, their vitiligo will have a speedy recovery.


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