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Fruits Bad For Vitiligo Patients

fruits for vitiligo patientsWe all know got vitiligo is quite a disturb thing, vitiligo also a very common skin disease in our daily life. It makes many people suffered a lot. So vitiligo patients should get more knowledge about this and treat it optimistically. Fruits are good for our health we all know this point, but for vitiligo patients, the fruits not always good for their health.

Vitiligo patients have some attentions when eat fruits.

First vitiligo patients should avoid eating too much foods rich in vitamin C.

Vitiligo patients should avoid eating too much fruits with strong stimulation effects and the fruits rich in vitamin C.

Vitamin C is a good substance for normal people, but for vitiligo patients, it’s not so good. Vitamin C is a reducing agent, it can interrupt the melanin synthesis and prevent the melanin regeneration in their vitiligo sites. These fruits such as tomatoes, citrus, grapefruits, apricots, hawthorns, cherries, kiwifruits, strawberries and etc all contains quite a lot of vitamin C, vitiligo patients should eat less or try to avoid eating these fruits.

Vitiligo patients can eat some fruits contain less vitamin C such as bananas, melons, watermelons, sweet pears and etc.

Vitiligo patients should eat more fruits and vegetables contains copper and iron.

There are two types of fruits and vegetables one is rich in tyrosine one is rich in copper, iron, zinc and other trace elements good for vitiligo patients.

These two types of fruits and vegetables can promote their melanocyte synthesis. These fruits includes peach, apple, pear, pawpaw, apricot, watermelon, banana and etc.

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