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Vitiligo Diet Health Cares In Spring

spring diet attentions for vitiligo patientsVitiligo is a tough skin disease for both female and male. Although vitiligo have no self conscious feelings, it will damage their appearance especially in the exposed areas. Vitiligo is a pigment loss skin disease, there are no very effective treatment can cure vitiligo once and for all. One the patients got vitiligo, they should learn how to control it expand and try to treat their vitiligo in the early stage, it will largely increase their vitiligo cure rate. I’d like to make a brief introduction about the vitiligo diet cares in the spring.

The specialists from Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital suggest the vitiligo patients once got this disease, they should pay attention to their diet habits in their daily life, the bad diet habits can worsen their vitiligo. The spring and summer are the high season of their vitiligo, so they should pay specially attention to their diet in these two seasons.

Vitiligo patients should control their drinking and smoking, if it is possible, they should quit smoking or drinking. Vitiligo patients also should avoid eating spicy and pungent foods.

For vitamin C, most people might think it is a good substance to our body, it is quite necessary for our health, but for vitiligo patients, it will hinder the melanin formation. If the vitiligo patients intake too much vitamin C after they got vitiligo, it will not good for their vitiligo. So in the spring, they should try to avoid eating too much these kinds of foods.

There are some foods good for the vitiligo patients in the spring. Such as fresh eggs, plucks and etc, these foods are good for them.

Vitiligo patients also can eat some foods rich in mineral substances and trace elements like copper, zinc, iron and etc. These foods are good for vitiligo patients. Because most of patients got vitiligo because of lack of trace elements and mineral substances.

Vitiligo patients also should enhance physical exercise in spring, because in spring, their are too much bacterium in the air, enhance physical exercise can enhance their body resistance to the disease and avoid their vitiligo spread too fast.

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