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Health Care Attentions For Vitiligo

health care attentions for vitiligo patientsVitiligo is one of the most common stubborn skin diseases in our daily life, it will brought great damage to our life. There are some health care attentions for vitiligo patients such as diet. Meanwhile the vitiligo patients often have mental pressures and burdens, they will easy to loss their confidence and their courage to move on if they are suffer from the setbacks in their lives. So vitiligo patients must pay attention to cultivate their psychological quality and learn to adjust their abnormal emotions to relieve their mental pressures. It is very important for their vitiligo recovery.

There are some foods are good for vitiligo patients.

1. Pumpkin: pumpkin is related with the good emotions, because it rich in iron and vitamin B, it can effectively help to transfer their reserved blood sugar into the glucose to supply the nutrition for their brain. The mental state improvement and adjustment can help to treat their vitiligo.

2. Spinach: there are large amount of folic acid in the spinach, it not only can hep to produce the serotonin in the brain, it also can effectively release the depressions and the anxiety or unstable emotions of the vitiligo patients.

3. Chicken: chicken is a food rich in iodine, the iodine can not only effectively supply the nutrition, adjust your mental state, it also can promote the melanin pigment synthesis. So eat more chicken also can help the vitiligo patients adjust their diets.

4. Banana: there are much trytophan, vitamin B and alkaloid substances in it, it can refresh the spirit, help the brain to produce the serotonin. It can greatly improve our confidence, it can help to improve the negative emotions.

Attentions for vitiligo patients on their diet.

1. Eat more foods rich in copper, iron and zinc.

The blood and vitiligo sites of the patients lack of some trace metal elements, it decrease the tyrosinase activity in their body and influence their melanin synthesis and metabolism and finally cause vitiligo on their skin. So vitiligo patients should eat more foods rich in copper, zinc, iron and metal elements to increase their tyrosinase activity and accelerate their melanin synthesis speed.

2. Vitiligo patients should eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.

The foods such as eggs, milk, fresh vegetables, beans, peanuts, black sesame, calm, walnut and shellfish these foods contains tyrosine and mineral substances in different degrees, it not only can help their melanin pigment generated, it also can help to increase their resistance ability, it also can decrease the recurrent rate of the cured vitiligo.

3. Vitiligo patients also should avoid eating stimulating foods.

These foods such as wines, peppers, garlic, mutton, fish and shrimp these seafood. The oranges, hawthorns, waxberries these foods vitiligo patients also should avoid to eat.

Vitiligo patients should wear the cloths with smooth texture and wear the loose cloths. If you have any question about vitiligo health care attentions, welcome mail to


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