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Diet Taboos For Vitiligo Patients

diet taboos for vitiligo patientsVitiligo is a stubborn skin disease, it is important for vitiligo patients go to the hospital to receive the treatment and at the same time can not ignore the diet therapy. There are some diet taboos for vitiligo patients.

1. Wine and seafood.

There are many vitiligo cases caused by over drinking and over eating seafood in clinic. Some outpatients can definitely point out the causal relationship between their vitiligo onset and drinking and eating seafood. Some patients complained that their vitiligo will expand every time they drinking and eating seafood. Part of the vitiligo patients reflect that their vitiligo feet itch after drinking. Some patients work on catering service industry and driving hard to give up the bottle find their vitiligo hard to control. It’s pathogenesis might related with the drinking influence their endocrine function, damage their liver, influence their protein and zinc absorption. As for eat seafood might cause the allergic reaction related with the seafood can lead to the immunity disorder.

2. Over intake vitamin C.

Vitamin C is a reducing agent, it participate in the tyrosine metabolism, it can inhibit the dopa oxidation and restore the formed melanin in the skin into colorless substances and water soluble gum like substances. The vitamin C widely exist in many fruits, vegetables and some leaves of the plants. The fruits rich in vitamin C include melon, grapefruit, pawpaw, strawberry, citrus, orange and etc. The fruit juices rich in vitamin C includes grapefruit juice and orange juice. Some fruit juice strengthen the vitamin C such as apple juice, sour fruit juice and grape juice. The vegetables rich in vitamin C includes cabbage, leaf mustard, pepper, potato, tomato and tomato juice.

We accentuate that vitiligo patients should make certain necessary limits in intake of the fruits rich in vitamin C such as citrus, apple, tomato and etc. But during the outpatient cases collection period, there are few cases of the vitiligo caused by over intake the food vitamin C, more patients got vitiligo caused by over intake the medication vitamin C. There are some localized vitiligo developed into generalized vitiligo because of intake the medicine rich in vitamin C.

3. Foods contains phenol.

The plant foods such as coffee, vegetables and fruits contains much phenol, it have cytotoxic effect to the melanocyte.

4. The foods rich in glutathione.

The vitiligo symptoms are quite obvious, in recent years, the scientists found if long tern lack of glutathione in the diet can increase the tyrosinase in their skin. So except treat the symptoms of vitiligo, the vitiligo patients also should avoid eating or eating less foods rich in glutathione such as onion, garlic, tomato, fish, shrimp, mutton, pepper and etc.

5. Stimulating and pungent foods.

There are some stimulating foods such as wine, mutton, seafood and etc. These foods can stimulate the vitiligo.

Vitiligo patients should go to the regular specialist vitiligo hospital to test their vitiligo and avoid their vitiligo delayed. If you have any question about vitiligo diet taboos, welcome mail to


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