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Scientific Diet Therapy For Vitiligo Patients

scientific  diet therapy for vitiligo patientsVitiligo often appear in exposure areas such as face and neck and seriously damage the patient’s appearance, no one willing to discriminated by others because of their vitiligo. In face, vitiligo patients cooperate with their doctor to treat their vitiligo and combine the scientific diet therapy for their vitiligo, their vitiligo have higher chance to be cured.

There are several diet knowledge for vitiligo patients.

Benefits for vitiligo patients to eat eggs.

1. Eat eggs can improve their memory. There are some elements like lecithin, cholesterol and etc contains in the yolk have great nourish effects to the nerve system. It can stimulate the memory nerves of the vitiligo patients and improve their memory.

2. The egg can protect their livers. Because the livers of the vitiligo patients was damaged, they need to eat more animal livers to supply the nutrition they need. The egg rich in protein, it can effectively supply the protein they lacked.

3. Eat egg can increase their physical conditions. The nutrition in the egg almost contains all the nutrition our body needs. So the egg also called the nutrient pool of our body, so vitiligo patients can eat more eggs to increase their resistance and improve their physical conditions, it also good for their vitiligo treatment.

Does carrot will influence their vitiligo treatment?

Carrot contains much carotene, it taste good and rich in nutrients. According to the clinical research, vitiligo patients intake certain carotene can help their vitiligo treatment, but vitiligo patients should remember they can eat carrot, but they should avoid eat too spicy carrot or it will influence their vitiligo treatment.

Vitiligo patients if like to eat carrot, they should ask their attending doctors to see whether they can eat carrot, different patients with different physical conditions, they should carefully choose what they eat.

Does vitiligo patients can eat laver?

Laver is a algae grow in the rock of the shallow sea, it present in purple color with many kinds. The iodine content in the laver is quite high, many vitiligo patients accompany with thyroid disease or lack of trace elements, so eat the laver is good for vitiligo patients.

Moreover the laver contains polysaccharide can obviously increase the cell immunity and body fluid immune function, it can promote their lymphocyte conversion and increase their body immunity. Many vitiligo patients with low immunity function, so vitiligo patients can eat more laver in their daily life.

Diet is only diet, it can not replace the medicine and treatment, only a good combination of diet therapy and medicine treatment, their vitiligo will finally cured. If you have any question about scientific diet therapy for vitiligo patients, welcome mail to


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