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Does Vitiligo Patients Can Eat Eggs

does vitiligo patients can eat eggsDoes vitiligo patients can eat eggs? Chinese medicine realized that the food not only can nourish our body, it also can treat disease in ancient time. One of the causes of the vitiligo is improper diet. Egg as the common food in our life, many vitiligo patients don’t know whether they can eat it or not.

Vitiligo patients can eat egg. As we all know, egg is the main source of cheap protein in our daily foods. Egg tastes well, rich in nutrition, it a good food every one like to eat.

egg contains cholesterol, lecithin, triglyceride and etc have great help to the nervous system and body development. It can improve the vitiligo patient’s memory.

Egg can protect the livers. The protein in the egg can repair the liver tissue injury. The lecithin in the yolk can help to promote the cell regeneration, it can improve the protein content in their blood plasma can enhance the metabolic and immune function of their body. Many vitiligo patients with low immunity and bad metabolic function, so egg is good for their vitiligo.

Egg also can prevent and treat the arteriosclerosis. Blood circulation is very important for vitiligo patients to get treatment effects, so vitiligo patients can eat eggs.

There are many trace elements contains in egg vitamin B2, iodine, zinc and etc all have anti-cancer effect, it can dissolve and oxidize the carcinogen in our body. Besides many vitiligo patients lack of trace elements, it can help them supply the trace elements they lacked.

But although egg is good for vitiligo patients, they can not eat too much.

There are much cholesterol contains in the egg, if the vitiligo patients eat too much, it will cause the cholesterol content in their blood and disturb their uric acid excretion.

Eat too much egg will cause excess nutrition and cause the obesity. So generally speaking, the vitiligo patients can eat one to two eggs per day.

In a work, good diet can assist their vitiligo treatment, but it can not replace the medicines and treatments, so vitiligo patients should receive the treatment for their vitiligo in timely if they found they have vitiligo. If you have any question about whether vitiligo patients can eat egg, welcome mail to


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