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Does Vitiligo Patients Should Avoid Drinking Wine

does vitiligo patients can drink wineWines are prevailing in our life. Many people addicted to drinking. Many vitiligo patients quite concerned about whether vitiligo patients can drinking or not? There are many foods can induce or worsen vitiligo according to clinical observation. Often drink wine is also an inducement hard to ignored.

Wine is a popular beverages among many people. But there are many cases about the onset or worsen of vitiligo closely related with wines. Vitiligo patients long term drink wines can induce new vitiligo. Some outpatients can clearly point out their causal relationship between drinking wines and their vitiligo onset. There are also some vitiligo patients said every time after drink wines, their vitiligo will enlarged.

Some patients engaged in food service industry or other industries can not abstain the wines, their vitiligo spread often hard to control. It’s pathogenesis might related with the bad influences of the wines to the nerve endocrine function, liver, protein and zinc absorption and etc. Besides vitiligo is a pigment apoptosis disease, the cell membrane, cell nucleus, mitochondrion all directly influenced by the wines and damaged by drinking wines. Moreover, drinking can excited the nerves, speedy the heartbeats, set fire to the people and indirectly secrete the noradrenaline which can induce the melanocyte apoptosis. Meanwhile, drinking wines can cause micro obstruction, make the peripheral vein enlarged and the blood stasis which cause the blood reflux disorder, that can induce their tissues and cells lack of oxygen and blood and finally induce their melanocyte damage that can brought huge harms to vitiligo patients.

So the specialists from Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital suggests the vitiligo patients should have scientific and reasonable diets, they should pay attention to the diet restrictions to avoid their vitiligo worsen. If you want to know more about why vitiligo patients should avoid drinking, welcome mail to


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