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Does Vitiligo Patients Should Avoid Eating Seafood

does vitiligo patients should avoid eating seafoodMany people like to eat seafood. Seafood contains much nutrients. Many vitiligo patients want to know whether they can eat seafood or not. Does vitiligo patients should avoid eating seafood? That depends on some conditions. In the following part, I’d like to make a brief introduction about it.

Seafood is quite popular among many people, it rich in protein, with low cholesterol and contains all kinds of trace elements. Compare with the meat, it contains more nutrition to people. There are many seafood include oysters, lobsters, sea urchin, sea cucumber, spawns, shrimp eggs and etc rich in protein and zinc, but for vitiligo patients, they should eat them selectively.

There are some seafood such as marine fish, marine shrimp, marine crab, kelp, laver and etc vitiligo patients should avoid to eat. If the vitiligo patients eat too much these kind of seafood, it will induce their skin get allergic reaction and cause the new vitiligo appear. So for the vitiligo patients, they should carefully to eat seafood. But not all the seafood vitiligo patients should avoid eating such as shellfishes, snails, oysters and etc. Vitiligo patients can eat these foods, because these seafood contains trace elements good for vitiligo treatment such as copper, zinc, iodine and etc. Moreover, vitiligo patients can eat shrimps, river crabs, river fishes and etc.

Moreover, whether the vitiligo patients should avoid eating seafood should according to the areas they live. Such as the vitiligo patients long time live in the areas around the sea, they treat seafood as staple of food, they are used to the seafood intake, if they suddenly abstain eating seafood, it is not good for their vitiligo.

So whether the vitiligo patients should avoid eating seafood should according to their individual conditions and the place they live. So vitiligo patients should strictly follow their doctor’s advice, pay attention to their daily diet. If you have any question about whether vitiligo patients should avoid eating seafood, welcome mail to


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