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4 Foods Good For The Patients With Vitiligo On Chest

food good for vitiligo patientsVitiligo on chest is a relatively common skin disease. We already find out it is a depigmentation skin disease. Vitiligo on chest characterized by the pigment loss in the chest. The main feature of vitiligo on chest is white spots appear in the chest. Except the medication treatment, the patients with vitiligo on chest also should pay attention to their diet. They should eat more foods with black color. The appear of vitiligo is because the lack of melanin pigment in the skin. So the patients with vitiligo on chest should eat what kind of foods? In the following part, I’d like to introduce four foods good for patients with vitiligo on their chest.

Foods good for patients with vitiligo on chest.

1. The whole wheat.

Whole wheat do not add any addictive, the wheat digested by our body will change into sugar and water these substances are the basic nutrition composition of our body. This is correspond with the concept of health in Chinese medicine. Chinese medicine holds that the five grains generate the essence, meats only the supply of the nutrition. The basic essence of our body is come from the five grains. The wheat is one of the grain among these. So the whole wheat is good for the patients with vitiligo on their chest.

2. Milk.

Milk is a good food can effectively improve our immune system standard. There are some proteins, colostrum essence and other elements contains in the milk is the embodiment of the essence of life. The milk intake content of Chinese children and European children at the age of 1-5 is almost the same, but after age of 5, the milk intake content of Chinese children is far more lower than the European children. The Chinese children development degree is behind the European countries in their height, skeletal development, sexual maturity and other aspects. It can not rule out the important role of milk played in our health and start the life genes. So the patients with vitiligo on their chest can properly intake the milk everyday.

3. Pumpkin.

The pumpkin rich in iron element and vitamin B6. Iron is the necessary and very important trace element to us, people usual think the iron participated in the human hematopoietic function. But in face it is not that case. Iron also participate in many very important physiological activity in our body. We an treat iron as the one of the most important trace elements in our body. The onset of vitiligo related with the lack of trace elements in large degree. There is a found many patients with vitiligo on their chest with iron deficiency.

4. Chicken.

Chicken is the common and one of the important source of protein. The chicken not only is the cheap source of protein, it also contains iodine (a trace element hard to get from other foods) due to the living habits of chicken and feeding of organic foods. The iodine was discovered by the world medical field several years ago. This is a historical breakthrough. People used to at a loss what to do for some stubborn diseases, because they did not found the importance of iodine. If people with iodine deficiency, they are easy to get some stubborn and intractable diseases such as high blood pressure, liver disease, diabetes and etc.

But all in all, diet can only treat as an assistant treatment for patients with vitiligo on their chest, it can not replace the medicine and doctor. The most important for vitiligo patients is go to the specialist vitiligo hospital to systemic diagnose and treat their vitiligo in the early stage of their vitiligo on chest. The earlier treated, the higher chance to be cured. If you have any question about the diet for patients with vitiligo on chest, welcome mail to


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