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4 Diet Restrictions For Vitiligo Patients

diet restrictions for vitiligo patientsOnce mentioned about vitiligo, I believe everyone will familiar with it. The vitiligo seriously damaged our appearance. So when we have the symptoms of vitiligo, we need to treat it optimistically. But at the same time we can not ignore the diet restrictions for vitiligo. In this article, I’d like to introduce the diet restrictions for vitiligo patients.

1. First is abstain the cigarettes and wines. Longer term smoking will make the people in the excite state that will increase the nerve medium and phenolic amine compounds synthesis, these substances can largely consume the tyrosine in it’s synthesis process. Tyrosine is one of the substances necessary to the melanin pigment synthesis. The nerve medium and phenolic amine compounds largely increase can make the tyrosine relatively lack and cause the melanin pigment synthesis decrease. Moreover, wines can cause the micro circulation disturbance and decrease their autoimmunity. All these not good for the vitiligo treatment.

2. Avoid eating or eating less foods rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C is a antioxidant, it will stop the dopa oxidase into dopa pigment and reduce the synthesized dopa enzyme into dopa finally cause the melanin pigment synthesis process interrupted. So vitiligo patients should eat less or avoid eating vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin C. These foods includes green peppers, tomatoes, grapefruits, lemons, hawthorns, cherries, kiwifruits and etc.

3. Avoid spicy or stimulating foods. The vitiligo patients should control the intake of spicy or stimulating foods such as mutton, peppers, seafood and stimulating beverages and etc. Moreover, the spinach contains lot of oxalate which easy to make the lesion part itchy, the patients also should eat less. Because the stimulating foods normally will stimulate the skin lipid secret vigorously, make the skin lipid blocked in the hair pores and not easy to be discharged. The bacterium will take chance to went into it and generate in the hair pores full with nutrition and finally induce inflammatory.

4. Avoid eating shrimps, fishes and other marine products. Although the marine products with high nutrition value, but it belongs to stimulating foods, this foods can induce old disease relapse or worsen their disease. It is negative to the vitiligo and even might induce the cured vitiligo recurrent again.

Vitiligo patients how to take care of their skin?

1. Avoid ultraviolet ray. Vitiligo patients should avoid long time exposed to the intense sunlight especially in the hot summer. Because the ultraviolet ray in the sunlight can inhibit the metabolism of melanin pigment and not good for the melanin pigment synthesis.

2. Keep a good mind state is the most critical point. Vitiligo patients should set up confidence, do not give up their vitiligo treatment, keep good mind state and with firm belief. Although vitiligo is easy to diagnose but hard to treat, but under the scientific treatment and the hardworking of vitiligo patients, there vitiligo on the early stage have chance to be cured.

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