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Does Vitiligo Patients Can Eat Chocolate

does vitiligo patients can eat chocolateChocolate not only with sweet flavor, silky smooth texture, it also a way to declare one’s love which popular among young people. Nowadays the chocolate also can afford by the normal people. We all know vitiligo patients have many diet restrictions, but does chocolate is one of them? In this article, let’s listen to the analysis of the specialists from Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital.

The specialists indicates that vitiligo patients indeed need to pay special attention to their daily diet. We all know chocolates can supply energy to our body. Such as the sportsman with long time excessive exercise can eat some chocolate to supply the sugar their body needed, it can improve their athletic ability.

1. The benefits of the chocolate to vitiligo patients.

The chocolate make you feel transient pleasure and relieve your fatigue. The chocolate contains phenylethylamine, it can promote the brain release endorphin which can make people feel pleasure. On the one hand, chocolate have effect to help people recover their athletic action. On the other hand it also have tranquilize effects to those overexcited people. There once an experience prove that the chocolate have the effects of improve the cardiovascular effects, it can promote the expand of the blood vessel. So it is can help the trace elements transport in our body, it indirectly can help the synthesis of melanocyte.

The chocolate can regulate the emotions, release the pressures. It proved that chocolate have great effects to release the mental pressure.

Moderately eat chocolates can prevent the cold and many other diseases. Many vitiligo patients found after they have vitiligo, their resistance will decreased largely. Many researches indicates the fragrant sweet flavor in the chocolate can decrease the cold rate. At the mean time, the chocolate contains cocoa base is good for their nerve system, the stop coughing effects of chocolate is even better than common cold medication.

2. The harms of over eating chocolate for vitiligo patients.

For most vitiligo patients, if they have premenstrual syndrome, it is better to eat less chocolate. Because people have noticed that although the chocolate can make people have transient pleasure feeling, but if female eat too much chocolates in their menstrual period, it is can worsen their anxious. This might worsen their vitiligo.

Because chocolate just like cheese can red wine rich in tyrosamine. Tyrosamine is a kind of active acid. This kind of acid can cause them feel headache. The continuous contraction of blood vessels is not good for the trace elements transportation, it will cause the melanocyte synthesis problem. So vitiligo patients can not overeat chocolate.

But chocolate is only a food, it’s not the medicine and treatment, if you have vitiligo, you’d better turn to the professional doctor as earlier as possible. If you have any question about vitiligo, you can email to


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