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Why Vitiligo Patients Should Control the Intake of Vitamin C

the influence of vitamin C to vitiligo patientsWhy vitiligo patients can not intake too much vitamin C? We all know vitamin C is a nutrition component of our body, but in clinical treatment process, many vitiligo specialists will suggest the vitiligo patients control the intake of vitamin C. Maybe some people have questions about this. The attending physicians in Beijing CASU Hospital will explain for you in detail.

The relationship between the onset and development of vitiligo and the vitamin C.

We all know that the direct cause of vitiligo is the melanocyte function damaged or it’s ability to secret melanin decreased. When the melanin content lower than the normal standard, the skin will become white. So what the effects of intake too much vitamin C to vitiligo patients?

The influence of vitamin C to vitiligo patients realized through several tracts.

1. The vitamin C can influence the intestines to absorb the copper ions and then influence vitiligo.

Copper element play an important role in vitiligo treatment. The experts in Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital indicates the tyrosinase is a cuprum enzyme in our body, the copper ion is the activator of the tyrosinase. The lack of copper element will cause the tyrosinase activity decreased. It finally will cause the melanin synthesis content decreased. If the vitamin C content is too high, it will influence the intestines to absorb copper element.

2. Decrease the serum copper oxidase content in the blood to influence vitiligo.

The content of vitamin C in our body have certain proportion. If the content of vitamin C is too high, it will decrease the content of serum copper oxidase content in the blood and influence the tyrosinase activity, that will finally hinder the normal synthesis of melanin.

3. It can influence the metabolism of melanin to influence vitiligo.

The direct cause of vitiligo is the lack of melanin. In the melanin pigment metabolism process, the normal condition is the tyrosinase act on the tyrosine and then form into dopa. Then the dopa formed into dopaquinone. But if the vitamin C add into this reaction period add, the formed dopaquinone will reduced into dopa and then hinder the normal metabolism process of melanin.

The specialists of Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital indicates that eat less foods rich in vitamin C doesn’t means not intake any vitamin C.

Many vitiligo patients very allergic to the vitamin C, they do not dare to eat any foods contains vitamin C. In fact it is not necessary. Moderately intake the vitamin C have no much influence to their vitiligo condition. But all in all, diet is only diet, it can not replace the treatments and medicines, vitiligo patients should positively face their vitiligo and go to the specialist vitiligo to treat their vitiligo earlier. If you have any question about the influence of vitamin C to vitiligo patients, welcome to mail


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