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Diet Restrictions For Vitiligo

diet restrictions for vitiligoFood is the paramount necessity of the people, if the food lovers have vitiligo, they need to have diet restrictions. Vitiligo is a common skin disease, it can spread to the whole body, seriously damage their appearance. In this article, I’d like to introduce some diet restrictions for vitiligo patients.

Vitiligo patients should avoid eating seafood. Because eating seafood can cause their skin have allergic reaction. Because vitiligo is a stubborn skin disease with complex disease condition, if they have allergic reaction, their treatment difficulty will increased. In view of this, vitiligo patients should avoid eating fishes, crabs, shrimps and marine products to avoid their skin have allergic reaction.

They also should avoid eating spicy and stimulating foods. The spicy and stimulating foods have great stimulation to the skin of the vitiligo patients, eat spicy and stimulating foods might cause their vitiligo expand. So vitiligo patients should avoid eating spicy and stimulating foods during their treatment period. Moreover, they also need abstain the wines and drinks contains alcohols.

The third diet restriction is the foods contains vitamin C. If the vitiligo patients intake vitamin C in large amount, it will cause the melanin pigment in their skin further loss, while vitiligo is a typical pigment loss skin disease, so if the patients eat too much foods rich in vitamin C, it will worsen their vitiligo. But properly intake vitamin C will help to improve their immunity function. So vitiligo patients should control the intake of vitamin C in their daily life.

Diet bias is also not good for vitiligo patients. It is important for vitiligo patients to cultivate a good diet habit in their daily life. Vitiligo patients needs to pay attention to match their foods scientifically to ensure the enough nutrition to their body. The diet bias might cause the malnutrition, it might cause the relatively shortage of necessary substances needed to synthesis the melanin pigment in their body. So diet bias is a negative diet habit, it need corrected.

The vitiligo patients can intake more foods rich in copper element, they can supply copper element by using the copper spoon, copper kettle and copper tableware. It is a feasible assist treatment for vitiligo patients.

But all in all, food is only food, it can not replace the effects of medicines and treatments, if you want to get rid of vitiligo completely, you must go to a specialist vitiligo hospital to receive the systemic treatment under the doctor’s instruction. Wishing every vitiligo patients get sooner recovery.


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