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Diet Therapy For Vitiligo

diet for vitiligo patientsThe tendency of vitiligo patients number are rising in recent years, there are more and more patients with vitiligo. For any vitiligo patients, it is necessary for them to receive treatment in timely, during their treatment period, they also need to pay attention to their diet habits in their daily life, this is also very important. Good diet habits can help vitiligo patients get quicker recover. So what they need to pay attention to in their diet?

Many patients in our daily life do not pay much attention to their diet after they have vitiligo. In the modern time, more and more people’s life is not regular, some young people and children like to eat grilled chicken bones and other roast foods, this oil fried foods contains a large number of growth hormone will directly influence the children’ s health. If the patients themselves have special physiques, they should avoid eating or eat less fishes and shrimps. Many patients I meet do not like to eat vegetables, even do not like to eat fruits, it is wrong. Unbalanced diet is bad to them health, some vegetables and fruits contains some trace elements are good for vitiligo patients.

The patients with white spots should avoid drinking too much wines. For the children vitiligo patients, their parents should keep an eye on their kids, do not let them eat too much snacks and drink too much beverages. These foods will directly worsen their vitiligo greatly. No matter they received or not received the normal treatment, the foods I mentioned above all should avoided by vitiligo patients. For those foods like peppers, garlic, gingers and so on, these foods vitiligo patients can eat moderately.

There is another diet attention for vitiligo patients is they need avoid eating too much fruits rich in vitamin C. Because according to the medical explanation, too much vitamin C can directly stop the generate of melanin pigment and stop the regenerate of melanin pigment in the vitiligo skin lesion.

Although food therapy important for vitiligo patients, but it can not replace the treatment, they need to receive the treatment as earlier as possible. When received the treatment, many patients said they never thought they will have this disease and they have never thought that they will have this disease before, they also do not have much knowledge about the early symptoms of vitiligo so that cause their vitiligo delayed. So if they have more knowledge about this disease, they can go to the hospital to treat it earlier. Generally speaking, the vitiligo treated in the early stage have much better treatment effects than treated in the late stage. When they treat their vitiligo, it is important to find out the true causes of their vitiligo. If you have any question about vitiligo, you can send email to


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