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The Symptoms, Nursing and Treatment of Vitiligo

symptom, nursing and treatment of vitiligoVitiligo is a common pigmental skin disease. This disease characterized by the localized or generalized pigment loss. It is an acquired limited or generalized pigment loss symptom, it is a skin disease influence the appearance of the patients. It is easy to diagnose but hard to treat. There are many factors can cause vitiligo, the stubborn vitiligo seriously influence the health and life of vitiligo patients. In this article, I will emphasize to introduce the symptoms, nursing and treatment of vitiligo.

Symptoms of vitiligo.

1. Vitiligo is a common autosomal dominant disorder, it caused under the combined action of internal and external factors. There are some factors such as genetic factor, immune system disorder, nerve factor, endocrine disorder, self destruction of melanin pigment all those can induce vitiligo.

2. Vitiligo is the part of the melanocyte self destruction cause the postal, localized or generalized pigment loss skin disease. The vitiligo patients have been increasing in recent years. So known about the pathogens of vitiligo can help to decrease the damage of vitiligo to their skin.

3. Vitiligo is a common skin disease, it can happen in any part of the body, the sizes and shapes of vitiligo is different, the number is uncertain. The vitiligo can gradually increased and expand. The adjacent vitiligo can merged into large irregular patches and generalized to the whole body. The vitiligo often distributed symmetrically, there are also some vitiligo distribute along the nerve segments.

Nursing for vitiligo patients.

1. Eat more foods rich in tyrosine. There are some foods such as lean meat, bird’s eggs, animal livers, milk, fresh vegetables, beans include soy beans, lentils, green beans, bean products and so on. Peanut, sesame, raisin, nut such as walnut and so on. Mineral foods such as shellfish, clam, snail, oyster and so on.

2. Diet control is an important link. Eat foods rich in vitamin S such as fresh citrus, grapefruits, wild jujubes, hawthorns, cherries, kiwifruits, strawberries, waxberries and so on those foods should avoid or eat less by vitiligo patients. Our daily experience indicates that acidic, spicy foods, those so called hot food, stimulating foods such as fishes, shrimps, crabs, mutton, dog meat and so on also should avoided.

3. Vitiligo patients need to avoid diet bias. In their daily life, they need to pay attention to the scientific diet regulation, pay attention to food matches to provide enough nutrition to our body. Food bias can cause the disproportion of food match, cause the malnutrition problem. This might cause the necessary substances needed to synthesize vitiligo relatively lacked. So food bids is a negative diet habits, the vitiligo patients must correct it.

4. Intake some foods contains copper element. There are some experimental data shows that content of the copper and copper oxidase in the blood and lesion parts of their vitiligo is much lower than normal people. In their daily life, they can use copper spoons, copper kettles and copper tableware to supply copper. It not only can relive or exempt the toxins might caused by the orally take but also can be a feasible assistant treatment for vitiligo patients.

5. Adjust their mental state, keep optimistic emotions. They need pay attention to adjust their mental state, avoid over anxious, over anxiety, sadness, angry and some other negative emotions. They need to combine the work and rest, establish good living habits to avoid their bio clock disorder and endocrine system disorder.

6. Avoid long time over exposure to the intense sunlight. They need to protect their skin, avoid injuries, they need to wear some loose clothes. The vitiligo patients also need to avoid long time exposure to the intense sunlight. There are some patients vitiligo start or worsen happened after finish a tour in the hot summer, military training, business travels and other factors. If they have some other complications such as eczema, dermatitis, pruritus and other skin diseases, you need go to the hospital to see the doctor earlier.

7. Release the mental pressures. Vitiligo patients need establish their confidence, regulate their treatment the first need is to lay down their burdens, vitiligo is not a commutable disease. Vitiligo have not much influence to their internal organs. If their vitiligo only a short time with small sites, it is normally curable. So vitiligo patients should try to treat their vitiligo at early stage. Generally speaking, the patients young, the size of their vitiligo is small, this kind of vitiligo is relatively difficult to treat. So they need to treat it earlier. It is also a important link to treat vitiligo.

Vitiligo treatment.

1. Multidimensional UM-D systematical treatment.

Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital combine traditional Chinese medicine with western medicine along with some large scale medical instruments, internal and external use medicines, silicon light, carbon light, 308 excimer laser, narrow band UVB, laser, patent Chinese medicines, western medicines and so on to treat vitiligo. The most obvious feature of this disease is it not only treat the symptom of vitiligo but treat the causes.

There are four steps in our hospital to treat vitiligo. First is to comprehensively diagnose and find out the true causes of vitiligo and then stop the the development of vitiligo. The third step is to restore the color of the vitiligo, the four step is to do consolidation treatment to prevent it relapse. Only these four steps combine together, can we call it a relatively perfect vitiligo treatment plan.


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