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5 Diet Attentions for Vitiligo Patients

5 attentions for vitiligo patientsDiet is the necessary condition of human survival. Proper diet can increase the nutrients and make us healthy, decrease the onset of the disease. After illness, properly nursing with the diet can cooperate with the treatment. So the diet nursing is also very good for vitiligo patients. There are some foods necessary for vitiligo patients such as cereals, meats, fruits, vegetables and water all are necessary for us and have no side effects. Good diet habits also good for vitiligo patients, there are several attentions for vitiligo patients.

1. Vitiligo patients need to have proper diet structure.

The daily diet for vitiligo patients need to be light and rich in nutrition, for those foods rich in vitamin C they need to avoid or eat less, those acidic foods and spicy foods also need to pay attention to. Moreover the vitiligo patients need to choose foods according to their spleen and stomach conditions. They also need to change their diet according to the changes of their tongue coating. Because tongue coating is the symptoms to show the condition of stomach. Observing the tongue coating can indicate the vitiligo patient to rationally choose the foods to eat. If their tongue coating is thick and greasy, lost the appetite, they can cook gruel with the seed of Job’s tears and white lentils to damp the spleen and whet the appetite, they should avoid to eat greasy foods and those hard to digest. If their tongue coating is thin and show the red color, that is the heat symptoms, they should avid to eat foods with hot property such as garlic, green onion, mutton and so on, they can eat more cucumber, lotus root and other cool foods. If their tongue coating with shallow white, it indicates the have weak stomach, they can properly eat some red dates and so on. If the vitiligo patients with digest problems, they need to avoid eating too much foods contains sugar, the milk and soy bean milk also need to control the intake, because those foods can make their stomach uncomfortable.

2. Eat moderately.

Have moderate diet and regular life habits is good for the healthy of vitiligo patients. Vitiligo patients should have a moderate and regular diet habits, eat too much and too less both not good for them. Over eating and over drinking both can damage their spleen and stomach. The traditional Chinese medicine holds that the spleen and stomach are the source of the qi and blood generation. If the spleen and stomach damaged, their health condition will decrease. On this condition, it is easy for them to get disease. There is a point vitiligo patients need to pay attention to is over eating tonic foods or something else is even not good for their vitiligo, on the contrary, it will adverse to their health.

3. It is not good for vitiligo patients to have food bias.

Balanced diet is good for their body to intake comprehensive nutrition, this is the important regimen. Vitiligo patients should eat both vegetables and meat, combine the coarse foods with refined grain, a balanced diet is good for vitiligo patients.

4. Vitiligo patients should have right opinion to the food therapy and medication treatment.

With the economy development, the people’s life standard now is improving. All kinds of tonics flooding to the market such as ginseng, American ginseng, tremella, glossy ganoderma, colla corii asini, pearls and so on. All these tonics have the effects of supply the qi, enrich the blood, soothe the nerves, anti-aging and other effects. But because lack of right instruction, the exist of the blindly and improperly take the medicines, the medical workers should offer some instructions. Some one holds that the disease cause the weakness of your health, so it is better to supply some tonics. Some one also think diet therapy is better than medication treatment, those two opinions both wrong, vitiligo patients need to have the right opinions to the food therapy and medication treatment. The course of vitiligo often longer than other diseases, generally speaking three months treatment is a course of treatment. If take medicines, it need to insist several treatment courses. Moreover there are some patients with weak stomach condition, so those patients need to pay special attention to the diet therapy and medication treatment. Every medicine they take must under the doctor’s instruction, the diet therapy also need to according to their vitiligo, stomach and spleen conditions. If the vitiligo patients with damp heat inside symptoms, their tongue coating sticky and greasy with on appetite, they can supply some milk, soy bean milk, chocolate and other tonics. If their stomach swelling, lost their appetite, they can supply some ginseng royal jelly, Ajiaobuxue granule and so on. So they need moderately supply some tonics according to their own vitiligo condition.

5. The fit and avoid drink and food.

Any food has it own nutrient value. There are no need for healthy people to have a diet control, but after they have certain disease, they need to have certain choice in their diet. They need to choose the foods good for their treatment, they also need to avoid eating some foods might weak their treatment effects.

Generally there are two aspects the foods might can have some negative influence to their treatment effects. One is the property of the foods is not coordinate with the treatment. Such as some diseases with hot property can not eat some stimulating foods. Some diseases with cold property can not eat cold foods. Second is the some foods with some property might weaken the treatment effects of the medicine take take. Such as it is not good take ginseng with radish. Because foods just like medicine also have properties like cold, hot, mild and cold these four properties. With the flavor like sweet, sour, bitter and spicy. If the foods with the same property of the medicines they take, it is good for their vitiligo treatment. If not, it is not good for their disease.


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