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Proper Diets Helps for Vitiligo Patients

proper diet for vitiligo patientsVitiligo is a skin melanin pigment loss disease, it greatly influenced our life, the vitiligo patients known that to prevent the relapse and worsen of their vitiligo, they need to pay more attention to their diet than healthy people in their daily life. Diet is critical in their vitiligo treatment process, weather have a good diet is closely related to weather they can get better treatment effects, many patients although recovered from vitiligo, but because they ignored some details in their daily life, eat some stimulating foods cause the relapse of their disease. So how to arrange their diet is rational and scientific? In this article, the experts in Beijing CASU TCM Vitiligo Hospital want to make a brief introduction about the proper diets help for vitiligo patients.

What vitiligo patients should pay attention to in their daily diet? We known vegetables are the common foods in our life, different vegetables contains different nutritional substances. The experts in Beijing CASU TCM Vitiligo Hospital remind us although vegetables play a very important role in our diet, but some vegetables are not proper for vitiligo patients, in the following parts, we want to make a brief introduction about what foods good for vitiligo patients, what foods adverse to them in order help them to have a proper diet in their daily life.

As proverb saying, the diet although not medicine, but it indeed works. The vitiligo patients can eat more foods contains tyrosine and mineral substances such as meat like beef, rabbit meat, lean pork, animal livers, eggs such as hen’s egg, duck’s egg, quail’s egg, vegetables such as fresh vegetables, radishes, eggplants, winter bamboo shoots, edible fungus, kelp and so on. Beans such as soybeans, peas, mung beans, bean products, peanuts, black sesame, walnuts, grapes, raisins, snails, clams and shellfishes, these foods can helps the recovery of vitiligo.

Some vegetables have preventive effects to vitiligo such as edible fungus, kelp, sea cucumbers, celery, eggplants, toon teeth, semen juglandis, turtles, leeks, black rice, hair weeds, elm leaves and so on.

The diet attentions for vitiligo patients is remember avoid eating spicy, stimulating foods, sea foods. Eat less vegetables and fruits contains too much vitamin C such as green peppers, tomatoes, citrus, grapefruits and so on. All these foods are not good for the recovery of vitiligo.

Although diets is an important aspect for vitiligo patients, they also need to believe in science, believe in doctors, find a systematical treatment suit your vitiligo condition is the most important for you, only combines proper diet and systematical treatments together can their vitiligo have higher chance to be cured. The experts in Beijing CASU TCM Vitiligo Hospital wish a speedy recovery of all the patients.


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