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Does Honey Good for Vitiligo Patients

does vitiligo patients can eat honeyDoes honey good for vitiligo patients? We all known that honey is a natural tonic rich in nutrition, it is also a tonic we often intake. There are many nutrients in honey have certain effects to improve us immunity and can help pass motion. The onset and development of vitiligo related with the low immunity, so vitiligo patients can eat honey to improve their immunity to speed up the recovery of their vitiligo, maintain the stability of their vitiligo condition to prevent it continue develop. In this article I’d like to make a brief introduction about what contains in honey make it have so much help to vitiligo patients.

the honey can antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, promote the regeneration of tissues. The experiments proved that the honey have stronger inhibit effects to the streptococcus, staphylococcus, diphtheria and other gram positive bacteria have great inhibit effects, so vitiligo patients can eat more honey to enhance their autoimmunity.

The honey can regulate the stomach and intestines function, make the secretion of stomach acid normal. For those vitiligo patients with stomach problems it can make their stomach ache and stomach burning phenomenon disappear, increase the number of red blood cells and hemoglobin increase.

The honey also can alleviate the nerve tension, improve the sleep quality, it also have certain pain stopping effects. Psychological tensions and overtired all might induce or worsen their vitiligo condition.

Honey also can prevent rarefaction of bones. This is because the boron in the honey can increase the activity of the estrogen, it can increase the absorption rate of calcium to prevent the loss of calcium.

The glucose and fructose can quickly absorbed and used by our body, it can improve the blood nutrition condition. If you feel tired, you can eat honey, after 15 minutes you will full of energy again. Overtired is also one of the factors can induce vitiligo, so it is very good for vitiligo patients to eat more honey.

Prompt tips: the experts in Beijing CASU TCM Vitiligo Hospital suggests the vitiligo patients with burning light oil habits, stomach troubles, mental tension problems can eat honey often. The benefits of honey to vitiligo patients are more than I listed in this article. But in the diet therapy process, vitiligo patients also should not ignore normal scientific and systemic vitiligo treatment. Only combine medication and diet treatment together, they can get best treatment effects.


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