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Foods Good to Eat for Vitiligo Patients

foods good for vitiligo patients to eatVitiligo also called white erosion disease, it is a common skin disease. The researches at present already make it clear that it is a kind of pigmentation skin disease, this disease have the features of localization and generalization pigment loss and form vitiligo on the skin. This vitiligo except medication treat, it also need to pay special attention to the daily diet, vitiligo patients should eat more foods with black color, the onset of vitiligo is because of the lack of melanin pigment. So what foods vitiligo patients should eat and avoid?

The foods good for vitiligo patients.

1. Whole wheat foods.

Bread is the traditional food for European, they like to eat bread just like our Asian like to eat rice. The whole wheat bread did not add any additives, the wheat after digested by our body will changed into sugar and water, these are the basic nutrients of our body. This concurrent to the concept of health in the traditional Chinese medicine, the traditional Chinese medicine holds that the five coarse grains generate the essence of the body, wheat is one among these.

2. Milk.

Milk is a very good food to improve the immunity standard of our body. There are high protein and some colostrum essences these elements are the presence of our life quality. The intake of milk is the as between the Chinese children and European children at the age between 1 to 5, but after 5 years old, the content of milk intake of Chinese children is much lower than European children, in the height, skeletal development, sexual mature and other aspects of our Chinese children are much lower than European countries, from that phenomenon, we can not rule out the important effects of milk to the health and development of people.

3. Pumpkin.

The pumpkins rich in iron and vitamin B6. The iron is one of the important trace elements in our body, what we often known about the iron element is the iron participate in the human hematopoietic function, but in fact, the iron element also participate in many very important physiological activities, we can treat iron as the one of the important trace elements in our body, the onset of vitiligo largely related with the lack of trace elements in our body, so many vitiligo patients lack of iron.

4. Chicken.

Chicken is a very common source of protein, but chicken is more than the cheap protein but also contains a trace element iodine is very hard to get from other foods because of the life habits and organic feeds of the chicks. Several years ago the iodine was found by the world medical field, it is a very important historical breakthrough. In before many people have no ways to treat some stubborn disease, one of the reason is that they do not realize the important of iodine. If we lack of iodine, it is very easy for us to get some stubborn diseases such as high blood pressure, liver disease, diabetes and so on.

5. Spinach.

The spinach rich in iron and folic acid. Folic acid is a cleaning agent to regulate our blood, if lack of folic acid, the residues in the blood will greatly influence our micro circulation, the skin cells belongs to terminal microcirculation, if it obstructed will cause the poor supply of the nutrients of the skin and finally lead to varies of skin diseases.

6. Oceanic deep-sea fishes.

Oceanic deep sea fishes is one of the food source of the fish do not polluted. The oceanic deep sea fishes contains unsaturated fatty acid, vitamin A, vitamin D, lecithin and so on. These substances have great tonify effects to the growth and development of our body and brain, some people in coastal areas often not easy to get skin diseases although often suffer from sunshine and erosion of seawater should own to the oceanic deep sea fishes tonifying effects to our body. But vitiligo patients might allergic to seafood, so some experts holds that vitiligo patients can properly supply some vitamin D and lecithin tonics will have the same preventive effects for vitiligo.


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