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Diet Attentions Vitiligo Patients Must Known

diet attentions for vitiligo patientsThe must known attentions for vitiligo patients means vitiligo patients must known how to eat to assistant their vitiligo treatment. To known the diet attentions, vitiligo patients must clear the vitiligo pathogenesis.

Vitiligo is a common pigment loss skin disease, this disease has the feature of pigment loss and form white patches on the skin. It is a kind of acquired localized or generalized pigment loss symptoms, the pathogen of vitiligo mainly because the melanocyte obviously decreased or lack and cause skin, mucosa, hair melanin pigment loss disease. Melanocyte destroyed is the main reason cause the pigment loss in the skin, the activity of tyrosinase decrease, the synthesis of melanin pigment decreased and finally cause the whites spots on the skin. So vitiligo patients in their daily diet must pay attention to it.

Diet attentions vitiligo patients must known.

Copper element can increase the activity of tyrosinase and promote the generalize of melanin pigment. The copper content of vitiligo patients is much lower than normal people, so vitiligo patients supply more copper ion can promote the recovery of vitiligo.

How to supply copper by food?

There are some foods rich in copper element includes animal livers, meats especially poultry, fruits, nuts, tomatoes, green peas, potatoes, shellfishes, walnuts, kidneys, beans, raisins, laver, and so on. Copper is one of the important trace elements necessary to our body, it can participate in the formation of many metal enzymes. Vitiligo patients can eat more foods rich in copper element.

Foods with black color good for vitiligo patients.

Vitiligo patients should eat more foods with black color, this foods have antioxidant effects, it can remove the active oxygen in our body, it also have the effects of anticancer, traditional Chinese medicine holds that foods with black color have the effects of tonify the kidney, increase the immunity of our body, prevent aging. It also can make up the deficiency of disproportion of calcium, iron and phosphorus in our traditional diet. It is very good to their health.

The foods contains much melanin pigment includes mushrooms, dark berries, black soya beans, black tea, black sesame, chicken and so on. the foods with black color contains varies of amino acids in our body, it can increase the generate of melanocyte, so vitiligo patients can properly intake more black color foods.

How to supply the trace elements.

Vitiligo patients should eat more foods rich in trace elements, the supply of trace elements is one of the important ways to help the recovery of vitiligo patients.

Foods rich in trace elements are many such as figs, brown sugar and so on. The brown sugar can improve the cleanliness of the cell, it also can help to maintain the melanocyte, the part of vitamins and electrolyte compositions in the brown sugar can help to maintain the cleanliness inside and outside of cells via regulate some substances concentrations in the tissues, balance the water and hormone metabolism of the intracellular environment, rule out the byproducts of the metabolism of the cell. There are varies of vitamins and antioxidants can anti free radicals, reconstruct and protect the basic structure of the cells, it also can maintain the normal functions and metabolism of the cells. When there are too much free radicals in their body, the melanocyte will damaged.


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