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Good Diet Habits for Vitiligo Patients

good diet habits for vitiligo patientsVitiligo patients in their daily life must pay attention to their diet habits, in this article, I’d like to make a brief introduction of some food taboos for vitiligo patients.

1. Vitiligo patients must pay attention to avoid mix seafood with pomegranate or it might cause abdominal pain, because the fishes, shrimps, algae in seafood rich in protein, calcium and other nutrients, if you eat seafood with pomegranate contains tannin it not only will decrease the nutrients of the protein but also easy to make the calcium in seafood react with tannin in pomegranate and produce a new precipitation materials not easy to digest, this kind of substance easy to stimulate your stomach and make you uncomfortable. There are many fall season fruits life persimmon, grape, hawthorn, Chinese olive and so on rich in tannin, all these all produce tannin calcium precipitation materials, even might induce stone danger.

Vitiligo patients should pay attention to not eat seafood while you drinking beer or might cause urathritis, because there are two compositions in seafood are purin and acid, the beer rich in vitamin B1, is a very important catalytic agent can divided these two compositions.

Eat seafood while drinking beer is easy to make the serum uric acid acutely increasing and induce urathritis. Drinking beer will have certain irritation to our skin, it is one of the factor might cause vitiligo, vitiligo patients should avoid drinking or drinking less beer.

3. How to prevent the onset of vitiligo? Vitiligo patients should pay attention to avoid eat persimmon with crab or it might cause you vomit and diarrhea, because the crab rich in protein, it is easy to combine with the tannin in the persimmon and produce precipitation and hard to digest.

Because tannin have the effect of shrink, so it can inhibit the secretion of digestive juice, make the solidified substance stay in our intestine and ferment in our intestine, make the vitiligo patients vomit, abdominal distension, diarrhea and other food poison phenomenon. If these symptoms appeared, you need to see the doctor as soon as possible to avoid endanger your life.

4. Vitiligo patients should avoid eating raw egg. When the onset of vitiligo, it will consume a lot of protein in their body, so it is necessary for them to supply protein. Egg rich in high quality protein, eat egg is good for vitiligo patients, but if vitiligo patients want to supply their nutrition via eating raw egg is not very scientific.


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