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6 Diet Tips for Vitiligo Patients

6 diet tips for vitiligo patientsVitiligo is a stubborn skin disease in the world, it is easy to relapse, part of the factors cause the vitiligo treated for a long time and have no treatment effects related to the improper diet of vitiligo patients. To treat their vitiligo ,vitiligo patients should have scientific and proper diet habits, it is also helpful to control their vitiligo condition, so vitiligo patients how to eat? In this article, I’d like to offer some diet tips for vitiligo patients.

1. Vitiligo patients should eat more foods with black, purple color, this kind of kind is helpful for the melanin pigment formation in our body such as black soya beans, black rice, black sesame, walnuts and so on.

2. Foods contains tyrosine, copper and other trace elements. Tyrosine, copper and some other trace elements is helpful for the synthesis of melanin pigment, so vitiligo patients should eat more foods contains tyrosine, copper and other trace elements such as beef, animal livers, eggs, edible fungus, pears, jujubes, dried apricots, beans, raisins and so on.

3. Eat less foods rich in vitamin C . Vitamin C can influence the synthesis of melanin pigment in many ways, it is easy to induce vitiligo, so in the daily life, they need to pay special attention to this point. The fruits like kiwifruits, pawpaws, fresh citrus, grapefruits, cherries, waxberries, strawberries and so on, vegetables like tomatoes, green peppers, coriander, white turnips and so on also rich in vitamin C, these foods vitiligo patients should try to avoid to eat.

4. Avoid eating spicy, pungent, stimulating foods, these kind of foods might influence the treatment of vitiligo, so vitiligo patients should try to avoid eating these kind of foods such as green onion, garlic, shrimp, mutton, chilies, wines and so on.

5. With balanced nutrition and do not have food bias. Balanced nutrition is can improve the physical quality of the patient, increase their resistance ability to the disease.

6. Regular diet. Keep a regular diet habits is good for the vitiligo treatment and also can decrease the occurrence of complications. Vitiligo patients should keep a regular diet habits in the treatment process, do not blindly eating foods.


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