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The 5 Blood Foods for Vitiligo Patients

blood foods for vitiligo patientsThe causes of vitiligo are various such as genetic factor, autoimmune factor, self destruction of melanocyte, lack of trace element, external injuries, over exposed to the sunlight, some photosensitive medicines all these things can induce vitiligo. If the diet can enrich blood and enrich the qi, properly regulate, it is very helpful to treat vitiligo, so the dietary therapy is also very important to vitiligo patients. In this article, I’d like to introduce blood foods to vitiligo patients.

Blood foods for vitiligo patients.

1. Spinach.

Spinach is a famous blood food rich in iron element, moreover the spinach contains much carotene, it’s one of the blood food in vegetables. The cooking methods of spinach are varies, it not only can stir fried to eat but also can stew soup, it also can make into pie, all in all there are several cooking methods suit for you.

2. carrot.

there are a lot of vitamin B and vitamin C in carrots, the carotene contains in carrot is very good for vitiligo patient to enrich blood, besides carrot soup is a very good soup to enrich blood. If you really don’t like to eat carrot, you can try to make it into juice and add some honey to drink it as a beverage.

3. Dried turnip.

In fact dried turnip is also a very good blood food for female vitiligo patient, the content of vitamin B and iron element is very rich in dried turnip, such as the content of iron is higher than any food except the Day Lily. As for cooking methods, the female vitiligo patients can choose according to their preference, it is economical and cheap is very good to eat often.

4. Day Lily.

The metal content in Day lily is very large, it is about 20 times of the spinach, not only the Day lily contains much iron, it also contains much protein, vitamin A, fat and other nutrition, so it is good for vitiligo patients to eat.

5. Longan pulp.

Longan pulp also rich in iron as a nut, moreover the glucose, sugar, vitamin A content is also very high, it not only a blood food, it also have the treatment effects to the weak nerve, forgetfulness, insomnia and so on.


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