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Nursing Cares and Taboos for Vitiligo Patients

nursing cares and taboos for vitiligo patientsVitiligo patients receive the normal treatment and also need to pay attention to strengthen self nursing cares. There are several nursing cares and taboos for vitiligo patients and wish it could help them.

1. Reasonable diet.

The lack of tyrosine in their diet also can influence the synthesis of melanin pigment, so vitiligo patients should eat more foods rich in tyrosine, zinc, iron and other substances such as lean meat, egg, animal livers, milk, towel gourd, eggplant, carrot, other fresh vegetables and bean products. they should avoid eat too sour or too spicy foods such as tomatoes, oranges, citrus, chilies, wines and cigarettes and so on. They should eat less fishes, shrimps, crabs, mutton, beef and so on.

2. Keep a good mood state.

Because mental stimulation can cause vitiligo, so vitiligo patients should avoid any irritations during the treatment process. Because anxiety, fear, sadness and other negative emotions all can influence their nerve function, it not only adverse to the treatment but also can worsen the illness state.

3. Bask in the sunshine properly.

Vitiligo infected by many factors such as genetic factor, immunity factor, mental factor and so on, it can cause the melanin synthesis obstruction in the local skin and hair follicle. The ultraviolet ray in the sunlight can promote the metabolism of melanin pigment, so properly bask in the sunshine can transfer the melanophore in to the skin layer and make the skin color deepen, it is very good for vitiligo treatment. But in hot summer days, the ultraviolet ray in the sunlight will on the contrary inhibit the metabolism of melanin pigment, it adverse to melanin synthesis, so vitiligo patients should avoid over exposure to the sunlight.

4. Cultivate a good life style, prevent the cold.

Clinical observation indicates that the lesion of vitiligo patients always easy to expand in the acute disease period, the main diseases among these are the respiratory tract infection. So it is very important to control the infection factors in the prevention of vitiligo. If vitiligo patients cultivate a regular life style, enhance physical exercise to increase their autoimmunity according to the changes of weather, once they have cold go to the hospital timely all can help to prevent the vitiligo expand very fact under the stress state. The patients often suffering from tonsillitis should remove their amygdala as soon as possible to decrease the chance to have disease. Vitiligo patients should adjust their dietary structure in their daily life, eat more lean meat, animal livers and milk products.

The nuts such as ginkgo, walnut, peanut, sunflower seed, chestnut, lotus seed, pumpkin seed, pine nut, watermelon seed, apricot kernel and so on, beans, bean products, black sesame, black rice, black bean sprout, animal livers and so on. Black fungus, black soya beans, dark date, mulberry, walnut kernel, walnut and sesame powder, mulberry and walnut porridge, Chinese wolfberry and edible fungus soup, logan eight ingredient porridge, egg and peanuts paste, black soya bean and peanut porridge and so on all is good for vitiligo patients.

Vitiligo patients should avoid eating too much foods rich in vitamin C such as tomatoes, apples, citrus, oranges, carrots, grapefruits, apricots, hawthorns, cherries, kiwifruits, strawberries, waxberries, chilies, green onions, pumpkins, asparagus lettuce, jujubes, grapes, celery and so on, the seafood is absolutely taboo for them, do not over exposure to the sunlight.

Taboos for vitiligo patients:

1. Do not wear tights, try to wear loose clothes.

2. Diet taboos.

Avoid eating fishes and seafood, avoid eating or eating less foods rich in vitamin C; avoid eat green onions, garlic, fishes, shrimps, mutton, bamboo shoots, pickles, chilies, wines. Avoid eating spinach, because the spinach contains too much oxalate, it easy to make the patients feel itchy in their skin lesion; avoid eat too much foods rich in vitamin C because vitamin C can decrease the level of serum copper, serum copper oxidase in their body, influence the activity of tyrosinase, interrupt the synthesis of melanin pigment; vitiligo patients should not eat too much cherry, because the cherry rich in vitamin C, vitamin C can interrupt the melanin pigment generation in the melanin pigment metabolism period and worsen their illness condition, so vitiligo.

3. avoid negative emotions.

Some vitiligo patients have low spirits once they diagnosed with vitiligo, they are depressed for a long time and will worsen their illness state. So vitiligo patients should keep a good mood state, have confidence to their vitiligo treatment, it is good for the recovery of their vitiligo.

4. Have reasonable life habits.

Vitiligo patients should have enough rest time, avoid over tired to worsen their disease.

5. Do not believe in so called folk remedies.

It is not good for their disease, vitiligo patients should go to the normal hospital to treat their vitiligo scientifically.


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