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Does Vitiligo Patients Can Intake Forlic Acid

The occurrence of vitiligo is caused by loss of melanin pigment, it incidence rate have no difference with the age and gender, everyone have chance to have vitiligo, there are many diet taboos for vitiligo patients. Many vitiligo patients want to know whether it is good for them to intake forlic acid, in this article, I’d like to explain it in detail for you.

Forlic Acid for vitiligoVitiligo patients can eat forlic acid, they also can eat fruits contains vitamin C but not too much. But purely eat forlic acid tablets can not achieve good treatment effects just like other medicines, single use some medicine can not cure your vitiligo, we suggest vitiligo patients can go to a specialized vitiligo hospital to treat their vitiligo comprehensively to treat their vitiligo according to their symptoms. You need to pay attention to two points.

1. When vitiligo patients have vitiligo, they first will think about treat their vitiligo through medicine. Vitiligo patients should pay special attention to the medicine they take, such as hydragog and hormone medicines they need to take these medicine carefully, these kind medicine will worsen their disease.

2. Vitiligo patients should pay attention to many aspects in their daily life, such as do not long time exposed to the sunlight, although vitiligo patient can bask in the sunshine, but it is not suitable for them to exposed to the sunlight for too long. The illness state of vitiligo patients in the summer and spring will developed faster than in the fall and winter, no matter in which season, vitiligo patients should avoid long time exposed to the sunlight, because their skin might injured because of long time exposed to the sunlight and accelerate their disease development.

Although forlic acid have no much treatment effects for vitiligo patients, there are also no conflict between vitiligo treatment and intake forlic acid.

Forlic acid is a kind of compound nutritive substances of vitamin B, because forlic acid have great promote effects for the development of fetal brain cells and nerve cells and will decrease the incidence of fetal malformation. The pregnant women intake forlic acid can effectively relieve pregnancy induced hypertension syndrome and megaloblastic anemia in pregnant women. Often intake forlic acid can make fetal’ s brain developed well, that’s because forlic acid have great effects in fetal development, that’s why it welcomed in expectant mother population.

You can find out many good effects from the above two sentences. Although forlic acid do not belong to vitamin C but it is vitamin kind, so it will not conflict with vitiligo treatment. Forlic acid can promote the hormone balance in the body of pregnant woman and have no bad influence to vitiligo treatment. They only need to intake forlic acid as the normal pregnant woman and can not affect the vitiligo treatment.

For vitiligo pregnant woman, take good care of themselves is take good care of their fetal, so they need to intake more nutrients in their daily life, it’s good for their fetal.


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