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Food Prohibition for Vitiligo Patients

food prohibion for vitiligo patientsVitiligo is a relatively serious skin disease, so diet is very important for vitiligo patients, if vitiligo patients eat some foods they should not eat, their vitiligo might worsen and even will induce many complications, it is very dangerous for them, so it is necessary for vitiligo patients to know what they can eat, what they should avoid to eat, in this article, I’d like to make a brief introduction of the food prohibition for vitiligo patients.

1. The food prohibition one for vitiligo patients is fishes and seafood. According to clinical research founds, many vitiligo patients their vitiligo onset or worsen because of they eat seafood, so vitiligo patients should control their diet in their daily life, they should avoid to eat or eat less seafood, but kelp, nori and some other vegetables form sea can eat.

2. Second, they should avoid or eat less foods rich in vitamin C. Because vitamin C will decrease the activity of copper oxidase in their blood serum and hinder the synthesis of tyrosinase, interrupt the synthesis of melanin pigment and worsen their disease, so we suggest vitiligo patients should avoid eat too much foods rich in vitamin C, especially citrus, apple, kiwifruits and other fruits.

3. Vitiligo patients should avoid to eat spinach. According to many data indicates that the spinach is a kind of vegetables should not eat by vitiligo patients, because the oxalic acid in the spinach is a kind of substance easy to react with the chemical substances in our body and make their skin lesion itching, worsen their vitiligo and make their vitiligo develop even induce new vitiligo.

4. The food prohibition four for vitiligo patients is spicy foods. Vitiligo patients should avoid to eat spicy foods. Spicy foods might irritating their skin, some vitiligo patients after eat spicy foods will cause their skin allergic and worsen their vitiligo or make their vitiligo relapse. So it is very important for vitiligo patients to control their diet, it is helpful for the recovery of their vitiligo.

Except for these, vitiligo patients should eat more foods rich in tyrosinase and mineral substances such as beef, rabbit meat, pork lean meat, animal livers, hen’s egg, duck’s egg, quail’s egg, fresh vegetables such as radishes, eggplants, winter bamboo shoots, black fungus, kelp and so on. Beans such as soy beans, peas, mung beans, bean products, peanuts, black sesame, walnuts, raisins, snails, clams, shellfishes and so on, they should at same time avoid eat chilies, wines, no matter beer or liquor, avoid eat tomatoes because tomatoes rich in vitamin C. The vitamin C can interrupt the synthesis of melanin pigment and stopped the regeneration of melanin pigment in the skin lesion.


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