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Nursing care plan for vitiligo patients

nursing health care plan for vitiligo patientsVitiligo is a common skin disease, the symptoms of it often very complex, it is very difficult to treat it. Vitiligo patients should pay attention to do a job of nursing care plan in their daily life at the same time when they receive treatment, do a good job in nursing care plan can have great help in promote their illness state recovered as quick as possible. So how many nursing care plan for vitiligo patients in their daily life? In this article, I’d like to make a brief introduction of it.

1. The nursing care plan for vitiligo patients one is enhance physical exercise, vitiligo on the skin not only will influence the appearance of them but also will make them suffered from certain mental pressure and seriously damage their normal life. So vitiligo patients should choose some spots in their daily life to keep on exercise, such as if vitiligo patients have vitiligo on their arms, the vitiligo patients can choose to playing basketball, ping pong ball, volley ball and so on. If they have vitiligo on the legs, they can choose to jogging, kicking shuttlecock, playing football and so on, vitiligo patients should pay attention to do not exercise too long, do not choose intense sports to avoid external injuries.

2. Nursing care plan for vitiligo patients two is in the cloth they are wearing, vitiligo patients must pay attention to their wearing, they need to keep warm, they can choose loose cloths to wear in their daily life, especially their bra and underwear, do not too tight to avoid part of their skin present on the micro circulation obstruction and cause the onset of vitiligo.

3. Nursing care plan for vitiligo patients three is vitiligo patients should pay attention to do a job job in take care of their skin, the harms of vitiligo are great, not only will cause the external injuries but also will cause serious mental pressure for the vitiligo patients. So vitiligo patients should avoid external injuries, if the get external injuries, they need to contact with their doctor timely, and properly treat the wounds; avoid over exposure to the intense sunlight, try to avoid to use cosmetics to avoid irritation to your skin and cause your skin allergic to it.

4. Do not stay up late, in daily life vitiligo patients should make sure they have enough sleep time, do not stay up late to avoid worsen your disease. Because there are plenty of night activities for in the modern life, many people have the habit to stay up late, it is not good to your health, vitiligo patients should have enough sleep, do not stay up late, balance their work and rest, cultivate the regular life habits.

5. Pay attention to adjust their dietary, avoid the taboos for vitiligo patients. In their daily life, vitiligo patients should pay attention to their dietary structure, keep in mind the taboos of their dietary, eat more foods rich in high protein, high energy, vitamin B, such as lean meat, animal livers, beans, bean products, fresh vegetables, eggs, milk and so on. Eat less or avoid to eat foods rich in vitamin C such as some fruits, vegetables includes citrus, lemons, grapefruits, hawthorns, fresh jujubes, green chilies, tomatoes and so on, avoid to eat stimulating foods such as mutton, seafood, green onion, garlic and so on.

Vitiligo patients should eat more foods rich in tyrosinase and mineral substances such as beef, rabbit meat, pork lean meat, animal livers, hen’s egg, duck’s egg, quail’s egg, cow milk, yogurt, fresh vegetables, radishes, eggplant, winter bamboo shoots, black fungus, kelp and so on, beans like soy beans, peas, mung beans, black soya beans and bean products, peanuts, black sesame, walnuts, clams, shellfishes, snails and so on.


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